Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Pulut Inti 蕉叶糯米椰丝糕 .......a memorable dessert from my past

Many of my close friends asked me how did I manage to resist from all eating all those sweet laden, dairy rich cakes and pastries which I frequently bake. Well, I guess I just switch my mind away from the cravings and put all attention to any baking at best I could. The same goes for cooking for the family members who aren't vegan, I just cook based on 'gut feelings' without actually testing the taste.  

Now I can relate to how my late grandmother capabilities in making lots of delicious desserts and chinese kuihs with only her 'agar agak' estimation using basic measuring tools such as cup  and bowl. Unlike our modern ways whereby we are all blessed with kitchen scales, food thermometers, ovens, mixers etc etc.

So... back to the subject of Pulut Ini, yes this is still a comfort food for me. It's meat and dairy free which works well as a substitute to curb my sweet tooth. I posted the photos in Baking Corner's page in Facebook and received lots of request to share the recipe.  Hence, I have to quickly arrange my works and share out the recipe today.

Pulut Inti

300g glutinous rice (washed and soaked overnight)
180ml coconut milk (from 1/2 coconut)
3 pandan leaves (knotted)
1/2 tsp salt

1/2 grated coconut (white part only)
100g gala melaka ( chopped)
4 tbsp water
2 pandan leaves (knotted)
1/4 tsp salt

(C) For thickening
1 tsp cornflour
1 tbsp water

12 pcs banana leaves (18cm x 15cm) , softened and wiped clean


  • For (A) - Place the well drained glutinous rice, coconut milk and salt into a steaming tray and mix well. Coconut milk should just cover the rice. Place the pandan leaves on top of the rice and steam for 30 mins until dry and fully cooked.
  • For (B) - In another heat proof sauce pan, combine water and gula melaka and boil until sugar is dissolved. Add grated coconut, pandan leaves and salt. Cook with medium low heat until the grated coconut is almost dry.
  • For (C) - Combine cornflour and water together. Stir it into (B) cooked grated coconut mixture until well combined. 
  • Remove the grated coconut toppings from heat and set aside to cool. Divide the toppings into 12 portions.
  • Fluff up the cooked glutinous rice and divide into 12 portions.
  • Place 1 portion of glutinous rice on the banana leaf and top it with 1 portion of the coconut toppings. Wrap it up neatly like nasi lemak. 
  • Repeat with the balance portions. 

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