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法式香草千层蛋糕 French Style Vanilla Mille Crepes

Another popular but expensive dessert in Jakarta, which, I personally find it overpriced between USD25 to USD50 for an 8" cake sold in cake outlets. Instead of buying the cake, I bought a recipe book solely with Mille Crepes recipes at RM20. 

With the money spent on buying the ingredients plus the recipe book 'French Style Mille Crepes' by Coco Kong, its was still far from what I would have to pay for the cake, but still get a full size cake.
买了一本江丽风老师的'French Style Mille Crepes 法式浪漫千层蛋糕' 食谱专辑系列丛书38,再加上购买蛋糕材料后还是没有达到在外购买整个蛋糕的费用。

I have increased 30% to originally stated ingredients for the crepe to cater for 'broken crepes' from inexperienced frying and handling. Being new to this, the extra also take into consideration of the possibility of frying the crepe layers with inconsistent thickness. True enough, I only managed to get 16 layers of crepes from adding the 30% buffer ingredients. Based on the recipe, the original recipe is capable of producing 18-20pieces of crepe layers :P.
对于新手的自己,我还在原述的材料份量多加了三十巴先,预备多余以免错手间中把餅皮处里不好或是餅皮煎得厚而影响蛋糕层的制造数量等等 。以原述的材料成份所述应可以达到18-20薄餅层,而当我在预加30%的材料后所制造的只有16层而这一类的蛋糕要越多层就越好看越有口感。

For this posting, I decided to readjust the ingredients for batter with 50% extra from the original recipe. Personally, I prefer to have a higher cake and I hope you could create more layers through that. 

According to the author, the crepes batter (A) is allowed 30 mins resting before adding in the melted butter for better batter consistency. If butter is added in too early,  it will create thick finishing to the crepes.

French Style Vanilla Mille Crepes

To Make Crepes 蛋糕皮料 (A)
355g Low Fat UHT Milk 低脂鲜奶
5 Grade A Large Eggs 鸡蛋
1/2 Tsp Salt 盐
2 Stick Vanilla Pods (Scrape Out Seeds) 香草两支(取出种子)
45g Icing Sugar 糖粉
100g Plain Flour 中筋面粉

45g Unsalted Butter (melted by double boiling) 隔水炖溶无盐奶油

To Make Filling 馅料(C)
130g Vanilla Flavored Soya Milk 香草味豆浆
70g Instant Custard Powder 即溶蛋黄粉
1 Stick Vanilla Pod (Scrape Out Seeds) 香草一支(取出种子)

300g Whipping Cream 植物性鲜奶油 


Get ready a 22-24cm non stick flat frying pan, 1 palette knife, cake turntable and an 8" flat serving plate or cake board.

Combine all ingredient (A) into a large mixing bowl and mix until the batter is smooth. Strain through a sieve. Cover batter with cling wrap and allow to sit / rest for 30 minutes. 
将材料(A)放入一个大碗里搅拌均匀后过滤, 休面30分钟.

Prepare melted butter from ingredient (B) and set aside to cool for later use.

Add in melted butter to batter (A) and mix well just prior to frying the crepes. 

Heat a non-stick frying pan over medium heat. Use a ladle to scoop the crepes batter into the pan while tilting to lightly fill the pan with the cake batter. Pour off any excess batter back into the mixing bowl. Cook crepe until the surface starts to bubble and the bottom layer has set.

When the edges turn to pale golden, use a spatula to ease away the layer from the pan. At this point, you may carefully lift up the crepe by hand or any other tools to make sure the crepes does not break.
Place the cooked crepes on a baking tray while finishing the remaining batter. Stir well to prevent the batter from thickening before cooking each layer. Repeat the process until the batter is all used up.
当饼皮煎至边沿微黄时, 用划刀把饼皮划离锅, 再轻轻的用手把饼皮取出放在在一个容器或烤盘上, 重复做法至完成. 千万要记得每当倒入面糊入锅时必须先搅匀, 以防止面糊浓稠。

Beat the whipping cream with a hand held electric hand beater / mixer until thickened。Set aside.

Combine all ingredients (C) into a large mixing bowl and beat until thickened. Add in whipped cream, mix well.
将材料(C) 倒入一个大盆中以打蛋器搅打至浓稠,加入打发的(D)植物性鲜奶油料拌匀。

To assemble cake, place cake board or plate on the turntable. Place one piece of crepe layer on the board / plate. Spread a thin layer of filling on top. Stack on another piece of crepe. Lightly flatten each layer with hand to sandwich the cream onto the crepe. 
组合蛋糕, 将蛋糕板放在蛋糕转盘上,铺一层饼皮,抹一层薄薄的馅料在表面,然后用手轻按餅皮中间部份使馅料分布均匀。 

Spread on a thin layer of the filling over the top of the crepe and place another piece of crepe over it. Press down lightly with hands.  Repeat the process until the last layer. Do not spread filling on the final top layer.
继续铺上另一层饼皮,抹一层薄薄的馅料在表面,用手轻按餅皮中间部份使馅料分布均匀。 重复至完成。 最后一层不须抹馅料。

Wrap the cake with cling wrap and chill cake overnight before serving.
以保鲜花跑纸包好, 放入冰箱冷藏隔夜才切出享用。


joceline lyn said...

这个挺好吃的。自己做的可以控制甜度。 Like

Lady Coco Doodle said...

是的, 在里面所放糖粉並不多. 我是吃清素(无蛋奶)的, 只能靠其他人的feedback. 从他们的口中知道这个蛋糕有如蛋糕专业店所作的一样好口味。


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