Monday, December 14, 2015

百合绿豆糖水 Green Mung Bean Soup Dessert

Yesterday was a day for my hubby to relax after being away on business trips for a week. So during days when he is home, I would be busy cooking and preparing food to beef him up. Since he loves 'Tong Shui' hence I settled for this nourishing mung bean soup for his afternoon tea break.

According to traditional medicine's studies recorded that green mung bean skin is a powerful heat expelling and diuretic agent which help to purge out pathogenic heat by purging through urination thus relieving us of many heat related ailments. 

Green Mung Bean Soup Dessert


200g Green Beans 绿豆
2000ml Water 清水
170g Rock Sugar 冰糖
10g Lily Bulbs 百合
2 pcs Tangerine Peel 橙皮
2 Knots Pandan Leaves 香兰叶
100g Sago / Tapioca Balls 小西米
100ml Thick Coconut Milk 浓椰汁 (Optional 自选)

Directions 做法

Soak green beans overnight. Rinse and discard water.

In a soup pot, combine together water, green beans, rock sugar, tangerine peel, lily bulbs and pandan leaves. Cook on medium heat until the water start boil then reduce the heat to medium low. 
准备汤锅,把水,绿豆,冰糖,橙皮,百合 喝香兰叶加入。以中小火煮至水滚后再把火调低。

If you are using similar cookware like Roichen premium ceramic cookware then you can cook the mung beans in the pot with the lid close. Otherwise, you might need to keep further cook with the lid partially open when the beans start to split as the boiling water will produce foam which will spill over the pot. Allow the mung bean soup to simmer for 1 hour.
你若是采用类似Roichen premium cookware 的炊具的话,你就不虚把锅盖打开继续滚煮。否则,你就得将锅盖开少许以免煮熟的绿豆会气泡导致糖水会喷出来。以中小火煮1个小时。

While waiting for the mung bean to cook, bloom the sago pearls in a bowl with sufficient cold water to cover the sago.

Heat up another pot with boiling water and stir in the sago pearls and continue stirring the sago until the pearls turn translucent. Remove from heat and drain.

Immediately rinse the sago pearls under cold water to prevent the pearls from sticking. Transfer sago pearls to the simmering green mung bean soup and stir until incorporated.

Optionally you may stir in thick coconut milk during the last few minutes of the boiling.

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