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印尼加多加多沙拉 Vegetarian Gado Gado Lontong

Gado Gado is an Indonesian salad consisting of boiled or blanched vegetables, hard boiled eggs, tofu, tempeh and lontong served with peanut sauce dressing. It is a well received delicacy whenever we have guest here from Malaysia. 

Those who have tasted my maid's home cooked vegetarian version expressed keen interest on trying making it on their own. Based on their positive feedback, this onion and garlic free vegetarian version actually taste better than the regular store bought ones.

I am thankful towards my maid who took the trouble to adapt this delicious Gado Gado Lontong to a vegetarian version so that more people can have the opportunity to try it.

The process may seem lengthy but I assure you that it will be worth the effort when people come back asking for more.

Vegetarian Gado Gado Lontong

(Lontong 香蕉叶米糕)
6 Cups Rice 百米
2.5 Litres Water 清水
10-15 pcs Banana Leaves 香蕉叶
30-45 pcs Raffia Strings of 30cm Length 拉菲绳剪成30cm长度

Method 做法

Clean the banana leaves and steam for 3-4 mins. Set aside.

Wash and drain rice.

In a deep bowl frying pot, add water and rice. Stir fry the rice until softened and 90% of the water being absorbed.

Place 2 scoop of the semi cooked rice onto a piece of banana leaf. Compress the rice firmly onto the banana leaf and roll into a tight cylinder with fold both ends downwards. Secure the wrapped lontong  by binding 3 sections of raffia strings along the length of the rolled up lontong rice.

Immersed the entire batch of wrapped lontong rice cake into a pot of boiling water deep enough to cover the entire lot and cook for 1-1/2 hours. Set aside.

(Vegetables 菜料)
150g Spinach 菠菜
150g Lotus Spinach 空心菜
150g Long Beans 长豆角
150g Round Cabbage 包菜
150g Bean Sprouts 豆芽
200g Firm Tofu 豆腐干
1 Chayote 合掌瓜

Method 做法

Wash and drain all vegetables.

Cut both spinaches into 1.5cm length and 1cm length for long beans.
菠菜和空心菜切成1.5厘米长度, 长豆角切成1厘米长条。

Shred cabbage and julienne the chayote into 2cm strips.
包菜切丝, 合掌瓜切2厘米长條。

In a frying pan, deep fry the firm tofu until the surface turned crispy. Cubed and set aside.

Blanch spinach, cabbage and bean sprouts separately under boiling water until semi cooked. Set aside.
把菠菜,空心菜和豆芽各自以滚水汤熟, 捞起搁置。

Briefly boil the cut long beans and julienne chayote separately until tender. Set aside.

(Peanut Sauce 沙爹酱)
500g Peanuts 花生
1/2 Cup Cooking Oil 食油
210g Gula Melaka 椰糖/ Palm Sugar, chopped 切碎
2 Tsp Salt 盐
10 Tsp Tamarind Juice 酸豆汁
500ml Water 清水
Chili Padi 小辣椒 (Optional)
Lime Juice 青柠汁 (optional)

Method 做法

Heat up a deep bowl skillet or wok, add cooking oil and peanuts. Using medium low heat, stir fry the peanut continuously until the skin turn golden brown and crispy.
把花生,食油倒入已加热的炒锅, 以中小火拌炒花生至表皮金黄酥脆即可。

Due to the limited capacity of the home used flat mortar and pestle, the peanut sauce would have to be prepare in batches. 

Add chili padi and pinch of salt onto the stone mortar. Crush the chili with the pestle and follow by a handful of peanuts. Continue crushing the peanuts into coarse bits. Add in 1-2 Tbsp of chopped gula melaka and continue grinding the mixture till combined. 
在石臼上加入辣椒及少许盐。把辣椒磨碎再拿一把手的花生,继续以石杵磨碎花生。再加入1-2 汤匙的碎椰糖继续磨碎。

Add 1-2 Tsp of tamarind juice follow by adequate amount of water to mix and grind the mixture into a coarse paste. Transfer the paste into a container. Repeat the same process with the balance ingredients until completed. 

Adjust the thickness of the sauce by adding hot water to dilute the sauce upon serving with the lontong rice and vegetables.

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