Saturday, December 17, 2016

五香卤面 Vegetarian Loh Mee

My hubby and I were in Singapore last week for medical reasons. During the short 3 days there I was swamped with lots of yummy hawkers' food which I grew up with. Unfortunately most of the delicacies are no longer within my reach being vegetarian, therefore, I immediately set out to prepare the vegetarian version to satisfy this feeling of nostalgia.

Conventional cooking method usually discard way the stock ingredients and only retain the thick soup but I opted to keep all and serve together with the mee. Its entirely up ones' preference. Either way you will still get to taste a yummy meal.

Vegetarian Loh Mee

Ingredients 材料
(A) Stock 汤料
3 Liters Water 清水
400g Yam Bean 沙葛 (cut into pieces 切块)
200g Soya Beans 黄豆 (washed and rinsed 洗净沥干)
Few Slices Dang Gui 当归片
2-3 Star Anise 八角
2-3 Cinnamon Stick 桂皮
1 Tbsp Peppercorns 胡椒粒 (crushed 拍裂)
12 Black Mushrooms 香菇
20g Rock Sugar 冰糖

(B) Seasoning 调味料
2 Tbsp Vegetarian Oyster Sauce 素蚝油
2 Tbsp Dark Soy Sauce 黑酱油

80ml Light Soy Sauce 酱清
1 Tbsp Mushroom Powder 香菇粉
1 Tbsp Sesame Oil 麻油
1 Tsp Five Spice Powder 五香粉

(C) Thickening 芡粉水
10 Tbsp Cornstarch 粟粉
15 Tbsp Water 清水

500g Yellow Noodles 黄面條
100g Bean Sprouts 豆芽
100g Water Spinach 雍菜
100g Soy Chip 豆包
150g Vegetarian BBQ Pork 素叉烧 (sliced 切片)

Method 做法

Put all stock ingredients (A) into a pot and bring to boil. Lower the heat and continue to boil for 1 hour. 

Combine (C) and mix well.

Add seasoning (B) into the soup stock and bring to boil. Thicken with corn starch water (C). Turn heat to lowest.

Blanch (D) yellow noodles, bean sprouts, water spinach, soy chip and BBQ pork individually. Drain and set aside.

Arrange ingredients (D) into individual serving bowl and pour over hot gravy.

Serve with Sambal Chilli and Black Vinegar.

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