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素爪哇面 Vegetarian Mee Jawa

This is one of the best Mee Jawa recipe I have tried. Best served with home made belacan chili sauce

Vegetarian Mee Jawa

Ingredients 材料

Vegetarian Prawn Crackers 素虾饼 (A)
160g Plain Flour 面粉
1 Tbsp Rice Flour 粘米粉
1 Tbsp Cornstarch 玉米淀粉
1 Tbsp Baking Powder 发粉
1 Tsp ENO 果子盐
1 Tsp Salt 盐
1 Tsp Pepper 胡椒粉
2 Tsp Sugar 砂糖
2 Tbsp Cooking Oil 食油
2 Tsp Sesame Oil 芝麻油
320ml Water 清水

700ml-1 Lit Cooking Oil 食油

Combine all ingredients (A) into a mixing bowl and stir well. Heat up cooking oil (B) for deep frying. Immerse the wok spatula into the hot oil until hot.

Spoon a ladle of batter (A) into the heated wok spatula and spread to coat the top of the spatula and deep fry until set. Use a fork or spoon to push the cracker into the hot oil and continue to fry until golden brown and crispy. Dish and drain. Store in airtight container until ready to serve.

Soup Base 汤底 (C)
3.5 Lit Water 清水

6 Stalks Lemongrass 香茅
600g Yam Bean 沙葛
10pcs Kaffir Lime Leaves 疯柑叶
350g Soya Beans 黄豆
1 pc Seaweed 紫菜
10pc Assam Keping 阿三片

650g Orange Sweet potatoes 黄肉番薯 (cooked 煮软)
650g Tomatoes 番茄

Seasoning 调味料 (E)
1/2 Tbsp Salt 盐
200g Sugar 砂糖
1 Tbsp Mushroom Powder 香菇粉
500g Tomato Sauce / Ketchup 番茄酱
100g Chilli Sauce 辣椒酱
75ml White Rice Vinegar 白米醋

For Thickening 芡粉水 (F) - Mixed 拌匀
9 Tbsp Plain Flour 面粉
17 Tbsp Water 清水

Main Ingredients 主材料 (G)
1 kg Yellow Noodles 黄面条
4 Potatoes 马铃薯 (cooked 煮软)
10 Pcs Fried Tofu 炸豆腐
200g Bean Sprouts 豆芽
5 Hard Boiled Eggs 全熟蛋 (optional自选)
10 Calamansi Limes 桔子
10 Pcs Vegetable Prawn Crackers (A)

Combine all soup base ingredients (C) into a stock pot and bring to boil. Lower heat and continue to simmer for 1 hour. Strain and discard solid ingredients.

Add (D) and seasonings (E) into the soup base and bring to boil. Transfer into blender or food processor and blend until smooth. Return back to the pot and bring the mixture to boil.  Thicken with Plain flour water mixture (F) to form thick gravy.

Bring a pot of water to boil. Blanch and drain (G) yellow noodles and bean sprouts. Set aside.

Arrange some blanched noodles, cooked potatoes,  tofu, beansprouts, hard boiled eggs and vegetable prawn crackers (A) into a serving bowl. Pour the thick gravy over. Serve with home made belacan chili sauce.


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