Thursday, April 20, 2017

椰香玉米糕 Coconut Sweet Corn Pudding

Lately I have been busy traveling while leaving me little time to indulge in my photography and culinary experiments. 

Sharing this simple and yummy dessert recipe which I recently made. Hope you like it.

Coconut Sweet Corn Pudding

Ingredients 材料

180g rice flour 粘米粉, sifted 过沥
90g corn flour 玉米粉, sifted 过沥
8 tbsp custard powder 即溶吉士粉, sifted 过沥

1 tsp salt 盐
400ml Coconut Cream 浓椰浆

600ml Water 清水
150g sugar 砂糖

3 pcs Pandan Leaves 班兰叶 (knotted 打结)
1 can (425g) cream style sweet corn 
   罐头玉米酱 (slightly blended 搅成泥状)
1 tsp vanilla extract 香草精
Yellow coloring 黄色色素 (optional 自选)

Method 做法

Combine coconut cream with water. Stir to combine.

Combine sifted flour mixture (A), sugar, salt and sweet corn into a deep saucepan. Add coconut mixture and stir to combine.  Add pandan leaves.

Bring coconut milk and corn mixture to boil while stirring constantly. Add in vanilla and continue to boil until mixture slightly thickens. Add a few drops of yellow colouring (if necessary).

Transfer mixture into a greased 22cm steaming tray and steam over high heat for 50mins.  Allow to cool before serving.

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