Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Chicken Pie 鸡肉派

Being raised from a traditional Chinese home,  my exposure to savory desserts were mainly steam buns, hand made kuihs, dumplings, fried carrot cakes etc. Pies and tarts only came into the picture after I started working in Singapore in the early 90s.  During then, I only buy egg tarts and would choose egg tart over chicken pie. I guess I was probably more inclined towards eggs than meat in general. So when I turned full vegan 2 years ago,  it took me a while to disengage myself from my eggs attachment. 

I remembered how I loved munching on the crust of egg tarts,  the buttery cum firm bite of the fruit tarts from delifrance. Being new to vegan baking and the difficulty of getting vegan ingredients from Indonesia, I have no choice but to bake non vegan versions for my household members, who has been my supporter and many thanks to them I get to continue my baking and cooking quest without having to worry about wastage or leftovers.

Chicken Pie 鸡肉派

Ingredients A (Filling - 馅料)

300g Chicken Breast Meat  鸡胸肉
2 Cooked Eggs 煮熟鸡蛋
3 Slices Ham 火腿 (Optional)
1/4 Onion 洋葱
150g Cooked Potatoes 煮熟马铃薯
1/2 Capsicum 甜椒
2/3 Cup Evaporated Milk 奶水
20g Corn Flour 玉米粉
1/2 Tsp Salt 盐
1/4 Tsp Pepper 胡椒粉

Dice All Ingredients. 
Heat up 2 - 3 Tbsp cooking oil and fry onions till softened. 
Add in chicken meat and stir fry till 80% cooked. 
Stir in eggs, ham, potatoes and capsicum. Season with salt and pepper.
Add in corn flour and evaporated milk to thicken the mixture. 
Remove and set aside to cool for later use.

将所有配料切丁. 在锅里烧热 2-3 汤匙油, 加入洋葱炒香至软, 加入鸡肉炒至8分熟, 加入蛋, 火腿, 马铃薯和甜椒, 拌炒均匀后加入盐和胡椒粉调味. 最后加入拌匀的玊米粉奶水一勾芡至浓稠状.

Ingredients B (Crust 派皮)
150g Cake Flour  低筋面粉
100g Frozen Butter 冰硬牛油(diced)
1 Egg Yolk 蛋黄
1/4 Tsp Salt 盐
1/4 Cup Ice Water 冰水

Sift Cake flour onto table top. Add frozen butter to the flour. Using a dough cutter. cut the butter into coarse bits. Using chopsticks, mix well flour and butter mixture, egg yolk, ice water and salt to form a dough. 
Place the dough in a plastic bag and press with palms to even out the dough. Refrigerate the dough for 1 hour.

将面粉过筛在面板上, 放在上冰硬牛油, 以切面刀切碎, 加入蛋黄, 冰水和噔盐, 以筷子搅拌成团. 装入塑胶袋. 再以手轻轻压成厚度均匀的面团, 放入冰箱冷藏1 小时.

  • Remove dough from fridge. Take 2/3 of the dough and divide into smaller portions. Roll / Flatten out each portion and cut into round disc with cookie / pie cutter. Place the dough into pie mould, add filling. Repeat until all the portions are used up. 
  • Roll the balance 1/3 of the dough (crust) and cut into round disc, use it to cover the pies.
  • Remove excess crust. Use fork to press the edges of the pie to form patterns. Use tooth picks to punch a few holes onto the upper crust.
  • Brush with beaten egg yolk.

  • Bake in preheated oven at 170C degrees for 40 minutes. 

  • 取出面团, 将 2/3 的面团分成小份, 擀成圆形薄片, 放入塔模中整形, 填入适量馅料, 将剩余的派皮擀薄, 刷上蛋黄.
  • 将派放入预热至170C 的烤箱, 烤约40 分钟即可.

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