Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Light Strawberry Cheddar Cheesecake

Baked this batch of cheese cake for my buddy as my hubby went there for business trip two weeks ago. Unlike the normal cheesecake which is dense and creamy rich, this recipe only use small dosage of cream cheese. I have adapted this recipe from the original as I was trying to use up the leftover cream cheese in the fridge. 

I was hoping for the cake  to turn out like the souffle cheesecake, however, after baking the cake ended up like a hybrid between the chiffon and sponge. In my opinion, this cake will serve well for those who are less keen on cheese as there is only a mild tinge of cheesy flavor to it.  

Light Strawberry Cheddar Cheesecake

Ingredients (A)
140g Evaporated Milk
30g Cheddar Cheese
30g Cream Cheese
50g Butter

110g Superfine Flour

5 Egg Yolks, 
1 Whole Egg
1 Tbsp Strawberry Extract (I use blended fresh strawberries)
5 Egg Whites
110g Castor Sugar
1/2 tsp Cream of Tartar

Fresh Strawberries for Decoration (optional)

  • Preheat oven at 150C degrees (Upper and Lower Rack).
  • Line and grease bottom and sides of an 9" x 9" square cake mould with parchment paper. 
  • Using a hand whisk, combine and boil (A) in a heat proof saucepan / mixing bowl over low heat. Keep stirring until butter and cheese is fully melted. Remove from heat.
  • Sift in (B) to (A) mixture while it is still warm. Mix well. 
  • Set the above mixture over hot water to keep warm. Add (C) and combine well.
  • In another clean and oil free mixing bowl, whisk egg whites and cream of tartar in (D) until frothy. Add sugar in 2 batches and continue beating until soft peak is formed.
  • Fold 1/3 of the egg whites mixture to egg yolk batter. Mix until just incorporated. 
  • Pour the batter to the remaining egg white mixture. Mix well.
  • Transfer the batter into the prepared pan and bake at under the lower rack 150C degrees for 20 minutes. Reduce heat to 130C degrees and continue to bake for another 35-40 minutes till skewer inserted comes out clean. 
  • Remove cake from oven and immediately drop the cake pan at a height of 30cm onto the kitchen counter top to release the hot air inside the cake.  This process helps to reduce sinkage / shrinkage of the cake upon cooling. Unmould the cake immediately. 
  • To unmold, place a large plate or baking sheet on top of the cake pan, invert the cake pan onto the plate / baking sheet. Remove the cake pan and the parchment paper on the base and sides of the cake. Place a cooling rack on the base of the cake, invert the cake right side up onto the cooling rack and leave to cool immediately. 
  • Chill the cake in the fridge for 2-3 hours or overnight before serving.

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