Thursday, July 2, 2015

Kuih Ondeh Ondeh

Finding vegan related food in Jakarta is a daunting task for me ever since I embarked on the journey of becoming a vegan. At most, I am lucky to find 1 or 2 vegetarian dish at more established or pricey restaurants whereby they 'might' help to omit all requested ingredients (onion, garlic, chives, eggs, alcohol or sauces of all animal origin) from certain vegetable dishes. Usually I do ended with a humble plate of stir fry green vegetable costing between USD8-12 per serving.  Unless the place serves full vegetarian food, or, me and hubby will have to order separate set of food / dishes.

自从我开始吃长素后, 才发现原来在雅加达寻找相关的素食餐馆是件困难之事. 在这个人口中有90%都是回教徒而他们大多数都是专吃牛肉的肉食者, 能购买到的菜类都相当有限. 我在这三年里真是吃腻了包菜,菜心,空心菜,白菜甚直我每次回吉隆坡都会从那儿带入20-30公斤回雅加达。若是我和丈夫一起的话,所带入(进飞机仓)的数量会高达90kg公斤。由于进口食品在此都非常贵,再加上选择有限,只好次次得辛苦的把巨重的行礼搬运入国。

The nearest vegetarian restaurant is at least 30-45mins drive away from our place. After going there continuously for 2 years, the place holds less appeal than to eat home cook meal.  I was told there are lots of good vegetarian restaurants in the northern part of Jakarta but the 1hr traveling time, plus additional 30-60mins of extended time for possible traffic congestion, put us off completely.


Today I am in the mood for something sweet and totally vegan, specially made for tummy. I have made ondeh ondeh many times using 蓝赛珍 Agnes Chang's Hawkers' Delights 街边风味小食, and I find the recipe pretty satisfactory.


Kuih Ondeh Ondeh

Skin 表皮(A)
360g Glutinous Rice Flour 糯米粉
180ml Hot Water 热水
3 Tbsp Thick Pandan Juice 浓缩班兰叶汁(Applicable, in the absence of instant pandan
6-10 Drops Store Bought Pandan Paste 罐装浓缩班兰叶汁
2 Tbsp Castor Sugar 幼糖
Sufficient Coconut Milk (for mixing dough) 适量椰浆
1.5 Tbsp Oil 食油
Few Drops Green Coloring 数滴青色素 (if necessary)

Filling 馅料(B)
1 Big Piece of Gula Melaka, chopped 一块椰糖
3 Tbsp Castor Sugar 3大匙细糖 

Topping / Coating 沾料 (C)
1 Grated Young White Coconut 嫩白椰丝
1 Tsp Salt 盐


Combined grated coconut with salt and steam for 10 minutes. Set aside.
把椰丝和盐混合在钢食盆们中用中火蒸熟10分钟. 离火侍凉.

Pour hot water into the glutinous rice flour and mix. Add in the remaining ingredients (A) and continue kneading until a soft dough is formed.
将热水玻入糯米粉中搅匀, 加入数滴浓缩班兰叶汁, 幼糖, 适量椰浆, 油及青色素, 搓至软硬适中的面团.

Form small balls with the dough and fill some cut gula melaka onto the centre of the dough, sealed tightly.
将面粉团做成小球, 放入少许馅料包好.

Cook in a pot filled with boiling water. When the kueh floats up, it is cooked and ready for coating. Immediately coat with steamed grated coconut. Serve hot or cold.
放入1/2锅滚水中煮至熟及浮起, 捞起, 沾上椰丝, 便可供食

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