Wednesday, September 16, 2015

麻糬 Mochi

All my life, I had never tasted Mochi until I started making one. All this while, even though I am aware of its existence, I just never attempt eating it. 
我自小就不好吃麻糬, 一直到自己亲自下手试做后才正真品尝到。

This is an easy to make, and, rather tasty dessert to be eaten anytime of the day. This kuih is soft and melts in the mouth. Another great recipe from the book "Malaysian Kuehs and Snacks" by Andrew Kow.


Ingredients 材料 (A)
150g Glutinous Rice Flour 糯米粉 (sifted过筛)
60g Wheat Starch 澄面粉 (sifted过筛)
1 Tbsp Corn Flour 玉米粉
50g Sugar 糖
350ml Water 清水
2 Tbsp Oil 食油

Coating 表面馅料(B) 
300g Ground Peanut 花生碎
50g Sesame 芝麻
65g Sugar 糖

Method 做法

Prepare the coating in advance. Without the need for cooking oil, heat up a deep bowl skillet or chinese wok, toss in the raw peanuts (with skin) and stir fry until the peanuts turn golden brown and fully cooked. During time of stir frying the peanut, once you hear the cracking sound, it is a sign that the peanuts are cooked. Alternatively, you may bake the raw nuts at 175C degrees for 6-8 mins or longer according to your taste.
表面馅料可预先准备好。将炒锅烧热,把生花生米连皮干炒 (不需用食油), 翻炒至花生米变金黄色熟透为止。当翻炒时,一旦听到锅里的花生米发出碎裂的声音就表示花生米开始煮熟的迹象。 或者,您也可以根据自己的口味以175度把花生米烘烤6-8分钟至香脆即可。

Once the peanuts are cooked, grind the peanuts into coarse bits. You may use a food processor to grind, however, I am not in favor of the grounded texture as I find it too powdery. My maid taught me the beauty of using traditional stone grinding plate to grind certain food which require to maintain the crispy chewy texture.
一旦花生米煮熟,把花生米研磨成粗位。你可选用食物搅碎机捣碎,但是我却认为食物搅碎机来研磨的花生米太粉状,缺乏耐嚼的质感。通过我的女佣,我学会了使用传统石磨研磨盘研磨 一些需要保持香脆耐嚼的质感的食物。

Heat up the skillet again. Stir fry ingredients B until fragrant. Remove and set aside for later use.

Combine ingredients (A) and strain into a greased 7 inch square baking tray. Steam over medium heat for 35mins until fully cooked.


Transfer the cooked batter to a blender and blend the batter till smooth. Remove and let cool.


Cut the blended mochi dough into smaller pieces and coat it evenly with ingredients (B). Serve.


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