Wednesday, October 12, 2016

班兰绿豆木薯丸 Tapioca Balls with Green Bean Paste

Another great recipe adapted from Andrew Kow's 'Malaysian Kuehs and Snacks'.

Tapioca Balls with Green Bean Paste

Ingredients 材料
700g Steamed Tapioca 蒸木薯 (mashed 捣烂)
60g Glutinous Rice Flour 糯米粉 (sifted 过沥)
60g Wheat Starch 澄面粉 (sifted 过沥)
60g Vegetable Shortening 植物起酥油
60g Sugar 砂糖
1/2 Tsp Salt 盐
100ml Water 清水

70g Rice Flour 粘米粉 (sifted 过沥)
70g Self Raising Flour 自发面粉 (sifted 过沥)
42g Glutinous Rice Flour 糯米粉 (sifted 过沥)
35g Sugar 砂糖
105g Water 清水

Store Bought Green Bean Paste 市卖班兰绿豆馅料

Cooking oil for deep frying 炸木薯的食油

Directions 做法

Combine (B) into batter. Set aside.

Peel and cut tapioca into chunks. Steam under high heat for 30 mins until softened. Mash and combine the balance of ingredients (A) till incorporated. Shape into ping pong balls. Flatten each ball into disc and place sufficient green bean paste (C) in the center. Round it up into a ball and seal.

Coat the  balls with batter (B)

Heat up sufficient cooking oil (D) in wok. Gently drop in tapioca balls and deep fry under low heat till golden brown. Scoop up and drain. Serve.
烧热适量食油D, 慢慢地放入木薯丸,用小火炸至金黄色。 捞起,沥油后即可享用。

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