Saturday, May 20, 2017

素马来栈辣椒酱 Vegetarian Belacan Chilli Sauce

Following my recent post on the making of basic sambal paste for general cooking purpose, I am sharing you another ready to serve belacan chili sauce by using the basic homemade sambal paste as the base main ingredient without having to go through the lengthy preparation process of making this sauce from scratch.

This homemade belacan chili sauce will go with many dishes as for now I am using it for the coming posting Mee Jawa which I already made with positive feedback.

Vegetarian Belacan Chilli Sauce

Ingredients 材料

150g Basic Sambal Paste 基本叁巴辣椒酱
15g Vegetarian Belacan Powder 素马来栈粉

1-2 Tbsp Sugar 砂糖
3 Tbsp Dark Brown Sugar 红糖
1/2 Tsp Mushroom Powder 素香菇粉

50g Asam Jawa 亚森羔
200ml Water 清水

Method 做法

Combine (C) and mix evenly. Strain and retain the juice. Set aside.

Heat up sambal paste (A) in a saucepan on low heat. Add belacan powder to incorporate and to be followed by (B) and the assam water (C). Bring to boil. Set aside to cool before serving.

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