Friday, May 22, 2015

Kuih Kosui 卡穗糕

Another simple yet yummy dessert with minimal preparation and ingredients. I have used this recipe over and over with consistent results. A crowd pleaser, indeed.

After having tried making many versions of kuih kosui recipes, this is the best I have tried over and over from Blessed Homemaker. Firstly it is alkaline free and secondly everyone loves the soft springy and yet melting chewy texture leaving the sweet 'wangi' aftertaste of pandan and gula melaka.  True to what the writer of the recipe said, this dessert can be eaten fresh out from the fridge without any need for thawing. I was totally swooned by this part. 

So far I have not receive any negative feedback, in fact, all of them asked to for the recipe. And here I am sharing this wonderful tested and eaten recipe from Blessed Homemaker. I shall adapt this recipe to a pandan version and see how it works in the near future.

Feel free to try out on your own and share back your experience.

Kuih Kosui

250g Gula Melaka / Gula Aren
600g Water
1 Knot of Pandan Leaves

50g Mee Suah
300g Water

250g Tapioca Flour

1 Fresh Grated Coconut


Steam grated coconut (D) with 1/2 tsp of salt under medium heat for 5-7 mins. Set aside and allow to cool for later use.

In a pot, combine all ingredients from (A) and bring to boil until sugar dissolves.   Leave to cool.

In a separate pot, boil the mee suah with water (B) for 2-3 minutes. Remove from heat and allow to cool.  Once the mee suah has cooled, blend the entire mixture into paste. Set aside.

Once the gula melaka mixture cools, mix in the tapioca flour (C) and mix until thoroughly combined.

Add mee suah paste into the above tapioca mixture. Stir and mix well.

Steam the empty muffin cups  or any 8" baking pan for 5 mins prior to using. Pour mixture into the selected pan and steam for 20mins (muffin cups) or 45-50mins (8" baking pan).

Set aside to cool to room temperature for the wobbly kuih to set. Unmold and cut into smaller pieces (baking pan) and coat the kuih with fresh grated  coconut. 

This dessert can be served hot or chill. Either way, I am more than happy to eat All at one go.


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