Sunday, July 5, 2015

榴莲冰淇淋蛋糕 Melted Durian Ice Cream Cake

Following my recent success in making a 4 ingredient cake with melted ice cream, I decided to go for another by using durian ice cream as I was feeling nostalgic during the durian season of our home country. 
自从我上星期找到用现成雪糕制作的蛋糕后, 昨天心又痒痒了起来便去购买了榴莲口味的冰淇淋来制做个榴莲蛋糕吧!

The durians sold in Jakarta, somehow, never succeeded in luring me into buying them. In my opinion, the durians lack the pungent durian fragrance as what I would expect from it. Even by standing next to any durian stalls or durian selling counters at supermarket, I could hardly detect any smell of it.  To be on the safe side, I bought a box of locally made durian ice cream to test making the durian cake. I randomly picked the least expensive brand as I wasn't sure how the cake would turn out.

Luckily this selected brand of durian ice cream smells fragrant enough to make me salivate from the smell of it. I promised myself that I would definitely make desserts from fresh durian flesh when I shift back to KL one day.
幸好做出来的蛋糕很香。 我告诉自己以后回马来西亚据住时一定会买新鲜榴莲来制作蛋糕,甜品。

Personally, I find the cake a bit compact and the texture seems more like the chinese kueh than cake. Despite that, I still received rave review from my regular food sampling critics. I think next time I shall try using the eggs separation method instead of lumping all mixture together. Maybe I might get a lighter cake.

Melted Durian Ice Cream Cake

260g Self Raising Flour 自发面粉
160g Castor Sugar 细糖
3/4 Tsp Salt 盐
900L Durian Ice Cream (melted)
60ml Vegetable Oil 植物油
1 Tbsp Vanilla Extract 香草精
6 Large Eggs 温室回温妈鸡蛋 (At Room Temp) 


Preheat oven at 175C degrees.

Line and grease the bottom of an 8 inch round cake pan.
取一个8寸圆形蛋糕模, 底下垫上塑胶纸。 纸上沫少许菜油。

In the bowl of a stand mixer, place eggs, sugar, salt and mix until combined. Stir in melted ice cream and continue mixing until thoroughly mixed. 
将鸡蛋,糖,盐加入搅拌器的钢盆中一起混合至均匀。 接着又拌入化榴莲冰淇淋继续搅拌至完全混合。

Add vegetable oil and vanilla extract respectively until evenly mix.

Gently fold in sieved raising flour and mix until batter is smooth and lump free. 


Bake in preheated oven at 175C degrees for 30 mins. Reduce oven temperature to 160C and continue baking for another another 15mins or until toothpick inserted comes out clean.

Remove from heat and unmould cake on the cooling rack. 

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