Wednesday, August 19, 2015

素咖喱马铃薯馅料 Vegetarian Curry Potato Fillings

Among the many types of bread I made, the 2 most popular and frequently requested bread vegan coconut buns and curry potato buns. Every time before going back to Malaysia, I will receive requests from friends to bring back my home made coconut buns and I would bake large quantities of the buns and store it in the freezer. If I had enough time on hand for bread making, I would usually haul my bread packed hand carry cabin luggage all the way back to KL to distribute the requested buns. No matter how much I brought back it seemed never enough :P.

This is one of my favorite vegan version of bread or curry puff fillings which I also make regularly. You can eat it on it own or use it in curry puff, bread or buns fillings.
今天所分享的是受大家好评的其中一道馅料, 这也是我经常制做的馅料之一。您可采用来制造咖喱角,面包馅或包入包子都极为适合。

素咖喱马铃薯馅料Vegetarian Curry Potato Fillings

Ingredients 材料

900g Potatoes 马铃薯
3 Tbsp Cooking Oil 食油
1/2 Cup vegetarian Curry powder 素咖喱粉
2 Tsp Red Chilli Powder 辣椒粉
Curry Leaves 咖喱叶 (Optional自选)
1000ml Water 清水
2 Tbsp Sugar 糖
2 Tsp Salt 盐

Method 做法

Cut the potatoes into cubes and boil in a pot of simmering water till tender. Set aside。


In a large skillet or wok heat up 3 Tbsp of cooking oil saute vegetarian curry powder and chill powder under low heat for 5 mins until fragrant and fully combined.


Add in potatoes and continue stir frying with the curry paste for 1-2 mins to incorporate.

Add water and allow the potatoes to simmer under medium low heat. Stirring non stop until mixture starts to dry up into paste.


Reduce heat to low. Add Sugar and salt while stir frying till combined. Remove and set aside for use.


Can be prepared ahead and freeze for 1-2 weeks for later use.

可以提前煮好放入冰箱冷藏1-2 星期都没问题。

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