Thursday, November 12, 2015

素叁峇酱 Vegan Sambal Goreng

Made these batch of vegan sambal (chili) sauce 2 months ago prior leaving for my vacation to Australia with my hubby. I was supposed to update it on the blog but was put on hold by another series of trips between Kuala Lumpur and Kota Kinabalu, leaving me with no time to indulge in any baking nor updating.

After being away from my Jakarta home for such a long stretch, I just want to laze around to recharge my spent energy which will take longer time to regain back from the heavy traveling.

This is a adapted yummy and versatile sambal recipe taught by my house maid. This sambal can be applied to cooking or dipping and through this hands on experience is making it,  only did I realize the huge amount of oil and sugar required in the making of sambal. Hence I made a mental note to steer clear of over consumption. However, the liberal usage of oil is necessary to ensure the sambal cooks evenly. This is due to the high boiling point of oil which helps the chili paste to cook faster even its cook under low heat.
这是一道通过我家女庸所学到的叁峇酱食谱而修改成全素版即可口的叁峇酱。做好的酱可以用于烹饪配料上,或者是浸渍都很适合。经过这次亲手体验制做叁峇酱后才知道好吃的叁峇酱需要大量的食油来翻炒出香味。那是因为油的燃烧量比水份来的高, 所以采用越多的油是帮助叁峇酱能在小火的情况下可以均匀地煮熟. 下次每当遇上叁峇酱时自己最好控制吃的分量,以免增

Vegan Sambal Goreng


75g Dried Chillies 辣椒干
1.4kg Fresh Red Chillies 新鲜红辣椒
10g Tumeric 黄姜
1300-1400ml Water 清水 (for blending 搅拌)
15g Galangal 南姜
3 Stalks Lemongrass 香茅
Few Kaffir Lime Leaves 箭叶
Few Daun Salam 
60g Salt 盐
15g Mushroom Powder 香菇精分
200g Sugar 糖
500g Cooking Oil 食油

Method 做法

Soak dried chillies until softened.

Soak, wash red chillies, remove seeds and cut to pieces.

Transfer dry chillis, fresh red chillies, turmeric into a blender filled with water and blend.

Remove and transfer blended chillies to a (heated) deep frying pan or wok and continuously stirring on low heat.

Add galangal, lemongrass, kaffir lim leaves and daun salam to the mixture and stir frying non stop for 5 minutes to prevent the bottom from getting burnt.
加入南疆,香茅,箭叶和 daun salam 继续不停的翻炒5分钟,留意锅底的辣椒以免烧焦。

Stir in sugar to combine while stir frying the samba mixture continuously. Add 250g of cooking oil into the sambal and stir fry until the sambal mixture thickens. Stir in the balance 250g of cooking oil and continue stir frying for at least 20-25 mins until the sambal turns into chill red color and the layer of oil starts to form on the surface.

Season the sambal with salt and mushroom powder as per preference.

Transfer the sambal into prepared containers and allow to cool. Unused sambal can be stored in freezer for several months for later use.

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