Tuesday, March 8, 2016

素芋缽 Vegetarian Yam Ring

After years of procrastination, I finally got to make my first yam ring. My method may seem adhoc and differ from others but most importantly it is the outcome that counts. Through this attempt, I managed to overcome the fear of trying.

经过多年的拖延,我终于亲自下手制做出第一个芋缽 。虽然,我所采用的方法较为随性而且与其他人的做法有所不同,但是对我来说的还是成果为先。从这次的尝试中我学会克服了不敢尝试新领域的恐惧。

Among the 3 portions of yam rings, I tried frying one portion with electrical air fryer while the other 2 portions using conventional deep frying method. Although the one using air fryer method is healthy and firm, still it couldn't beat the crisp texture of the deep fried ones.

Vegetarian Yam Ring

Ingredients 材料

(For Yam Ring 芋缽)
600g Yam 芋头
10 Tbsp Wheat Starch 小麦淀粉
10 Tbsp Boiling Water 滚水
1 Tsp Salt 盐
2 Tbsp Vegetable Shortening 素植物酥油
2 Tbsp Sugar 糖
1/2 Tsp Pepper 胡椒粉
1/2 Tsp Five Spice Powder 五香粉
Cooking Oil for Deep Frying 食油

(Fillings 内陷)
1 pc Carrot 红萝卜
5 pcs Water Chestnut 马蹄
3 stems Baby Sweet Corn 玉米心
8 pcs Chinese Mushrooms 香菇
1 pc Capsicum 辣椒 (any color 任何颜色即可)
80g Vegetarian Chicken Meat 素鸡肉

1/2 Tbsp Sesame Oil麻油
1 Tbsp Cooking Oil 食油
1 Tsp Sugar 糖
1 Tbsp Vegetarian Oyster Sauce 素蚝油
Some Pepper 胡椒粉少许
1 Tbsp Light Soy Sauce 酱清

Method 做法

Peel yam and cut into small cubes. Steam over high heat for 20 mins until soft. While the yam hot, immediately mash it into puree form.

In a mixing bowl, combine boiling water with wheat starch and stir well. Add in the rest of the yam ring ingredients and mix thoroughly to form a dough paste. Wrap and refrigerate the dough for minimum 2 hours or more.

Divide the yam paste into 3 portions. Wrap each portion around a heatproof metal bowl to form a bowl shape.
把面团分成3等份, 然后将各份的面团紧进地环绕着一个耐热或铁碗,以形成一个碗形。

Immersed the entire bowl into the a deep fryer filled with enough amount of heated cooking oil to evenly fry the entire yam bowl. Deep under medium low temperature to evenly cook the yam without the the surface turning overly browned. The yam ring will slowly detached from the metal bowl when its sufficiently cook.

Remove and set aside.

Dice all filling ingredients.  Boil carrot and sweet corn in boiling water for 8-10 mins to soften.

Heat up sesame and cooking oil in wok and stir fry the ingredients until aromatic. Stir in vegetarian oyster sauce, soy sauce, sugar and pepper to taste.

Thicken the mixture with cornstarch water.

Transfer fillings into the prepared yam bowls. 

Note 参考事项:

If you are keen to try out the air fryer version, here is what I did.
Preheat air fryer at 160C degrees. Spray a coat of cooking over the yam dough and transfer it into the air fryer and cook for 15-20 mins until cooked. Set aside.

Yam crust cooked with air fryer.

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