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蛋白班兰蛋糕卷 Egg Whites Pandan Swiss Roll

I was left with a tub of egg whites from the recent making of Indonesia lapis layered cakes 2 weeks ago. Hence I searched from the net for recipes to ease up the leftover egg whites and I came across a white cake recipe from Ann Low's blog which seemed easy and yummy.
前两个星期我因制做了两道印尼千层蛋糕而剩下一大罐的蛋清。为了用掉那些蛋清,我便在网络上寻找能帮助运用蛋清的烘培食谱,最后便于Ann Low's 的博客里看上了一道即简易而又美味的蛋白蛋糕卷的食谱。

To enhance the taste and outlook of the roll cake, I have made some adaptations to arrive at my duo flavor version.

Thank you Ann Low for this inspiring cake recipe. 
非常感谢Ann Low食谱给予的灵感。

Egg Whites Pandan Swiss Roll

Ingredients 材料

3 Tbsp Corn Oil 玉米油
60g UHT Fresh Milk 鲜奶

20g Caster Sugar 细糖
1/4 Tsp Salt 盐
40g Plain Flour 中筋面粉
10g Rice Flour 粘米粉
1/2 Tsp Vanilla Powder 香草粉

2 Tbsp Corn Oil 玉米油
40g UHT Fresh Milk 鲜奶

15g Caster Sugar 细糖
29g Plain Flour 中筋面粉
7g Rice Flour 粘米粉
1 Tbsp Pandan Extract 班兰精

282g Egg Whites 蛋白
60g Caster Sugar 细糖

130g Pandan Kaya Jam 班兰加央

Directions 做法

Combine plain flour, rice flour and vanilla powder of (A) evenly. Sift and set aside. 

Repeat the same process for the flour ingredients from (B). Set aside.

Line and grease a 38x17cm baking tray with parchment paper. 

Preheat oven at 160C degrees

In a mixing bowl, add corn oil, milk, salt and sugar (of A) together and mix evenly. Sift in sifted flour mixture (A) and use a hand whisk to combine. Set aside.
把材料A的玉米油,鲜奶,盐 和糖一起倒入碗,搅匀。再把之前过沥好的粉料A沥入,用打蛋器捣匀。搁置待用。

In another mixing bowl, combine corn oil, pandan extract, milk and sugar (of B) together until mixed. Sift in sifted flour mixture (B) and use a hand whisk to combine. Set aside.

In a dry and grease free mixing bowl, whisk the cold egg whites (C) until frothy. Add 1/2 of the castor sugar and continue whisking until the meringue thicken and increase in volume before sifting in the balance castor sugar. Increase the mixer to higher speed and continue whisking until firm peaks and when the meringue does not drop out when the bowl is flipped upside down. This is crucial step to prevent the cake from breaking during rolling.

Divide the meringue into 2 portions of 136g and 205g respectively.

From the 1st portion of 136g , add 1/3 of the beaten egg whites into the pandan cake batter (B) and fold to incorporate. Continue to fold in the balance beaten egg whites with rubber spatula until evenly combined. Set aside. 

From the 2nd portion of 205g , add 1/3 of the beaten egg whites into the vanilla cake batter (A) and fold to incorporate. Continue to fold in the balance beaten egg whites with rubber spatula until evenly combined. 

Pour the 2 cake batters alternately into the prepared baking tray. Level the surface, tap the baking tray on the countertop to release trapped air pockets. Transfer the baking tray into the middle rack of a preheated oven and bake at 160C degrees for 15-16 mins until the surface has browned and cake springs back when press. 
把两种蛋糕糊交替地倒入烤盘。 用小刮板将表面抹平。烤盘在桌面上轻敲几下震出气泡后送入预热的烤箱中层以160度烘烤15-16分钟左右或至到表面呈金黄色,触感有弹性即可。

Invert the cake onto a damp kitchen towel and remove the baking tray and parchment paper. Immediately roll up the cake with the kitchen towel before placing it to cool on a cooling rack. 

Heat up pandan kaya jam in microwave for 30 seconds to soften. 

Unroll the cooled cake, spread a layer of the pandan kaya jam over the cake top. 

Roll up the cake

Once the cake is rolled up, twist the two sides of the kitchen towel / parchment paper and refrigerate the wrapped cake for 1 hour to set. 

Remove parchment paper, trim both ends and slice to serve. 

Do link back to Coco Sweet Tooth if you have used any information as published in this blog. 

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