Wednesday, May 3, 2017

甜甜圈 Homemade Doughnuts

Being an avid baker, I still frequents bakery shops to buy cakes and pastries which I have yet to try making it on my own.   And now, with 3 lived in household helpers, it is no longer economical to upkeep household expenses by constantly buying ready made bakes for breakfast.

Instead of going for another bread recipe, we decided on making doughnuts. A change from the usual bread staples and totally loved by them. The process of doughnut making is almost identical to bread,   easy and also economical than buying.

This is one good recipe taken from Alex Goh's 'Magic Bread'.

Homemade Doughnuts

Ingredients 材料
100g Bread Flour 高筋面粉
110g Boiling Water 滚水

250g Bread Flour 高筋面粉
150g Plain Flour 普通面粉
8g Instant Yeast 即用酵母粉
50g Castor Sugar 细砂糖
10g Milk Powder奶粉
1 Tsp Baking Powder发粉
6g Sea Salt 海盐

175g Cold Water 冷水
60g Cold Egg 冷鸡蛋

50g Butter 无盐牛油

Cooking Oil 食油

(F) Coating 表面装饰
Castor Sugar 砂糖

Method 做法

Add boiling water from (A) into flour and mix until well blended to form dough. Transfer dough into a clean bowl and place a piece of cling wrap directly onto the paste to prevent a film from forming on the surface. Allow the mixture to cool. Refrigerate for at least 12 hours before using.

In the bowl of the stand mixer fitted with dough attachment, add  (A) together with all the of ingredients (B), (C) and mix with lower speed until all ingredients are well combined. 

Add in butter (D) and slowly increase the speed to medium and continue kneading for approx. 18-22 mins, until the dough becomes smooth and pass the window pane test.

Place dough into a slightly greased bowl. Cover bowl with either cling wrap or cloth and allow the dough to proof for 1 hour or until it doubled in size.

Punch down the dough. Divide the dough into 16 equal portions and mould it round. Let it rest for another 15 mins.
将面团用手压除气体,然后把面团平均分割成16等份, 滚圆盖上拧干的湿布或保鲜膜再让面团松弛15分钟.

Press the thumb and index finger together through the center of each dough and adjust to the desired opening and size.  

Place doughnut dough (seams down) on individual non stick baking paper. Allow to proof for 35 mins.
把造型好的甜甜圈面团(接缝)收口朝下置于不粘的烘焙纸上。再次进行35分钟的发酵。Heat up oil (E) on medium heat till 180C degrees. Drop the doughnuts into the oil and fry until golden brown, flip them over and continue frying  the underside until ready. Remove and place on paper towel lined platter and allow to cool.

When cooled, roll the doughnuts in sugar (F) to coat evenly. Serve.


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