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锅烤奶油乳酪面包 Pan Fried Creamy Cheese Buns

Do you enjoy eating juicy custard buns? This is one truly good sweet bread recipe adapted from Sweet The Mi which surpasses my expectations and you could also make it without the use of oven...just pan fried!
您喜欢多汁的奶油面包吗?这是一道非常好吃的奶油内陷甜面包取自于Sweet The Mi再加改编,制做出来的面包比预料的好吃。不仅如此这款面包还是用锅烤的,不需用烤箱呢!

I tried making using oven and pan with satisfactorily outcome. The pan fried ones came out soft with a nice crispy crust when hot whereas the oven baked ones have a lingering smell with soft fluffy texture.

The leftover cusrtard cream can be freeze for a month or future use.

Pan Fried Creamy Cheese Buns
Recipe adapted from Sweet The Mi

Ingredients 材料

Fillings 馅料 (A)
4 Egg Yolks 蛋黄
65g Castor Sugar 细砂糖
25g Low Protein Flour 低筋面粉
300ml Fresh Milk 鲜奶
20g Unsalted Butter 无盐奶油
60g Cheddar Cheese 切达乳酪 (grated 切丝)
1 Tsp Pure Vanilla Extract 香草精

Bread Dough 面包团 (B)
450g High Protein Flour 面包粉
120g Low Protein Flour 低筋面粉
8g Salt 盐
90g Castor Sugar 细砂糖
8g Instant Yeast 即融干酵母
100ml Warm Water 温水
120ml Warm Milk 温牛奶
40ml Whipping Cream 植物淡奶油
2 Large Eggs 大号鸡蛋

60g Unsalted Butter 无盐奶油

Method 做法

Boil (A) milk, butter and cheddar cheese together in a saucepan until cheese melted. Add vanilla extract to combine. Set aside.

Combine and whisk (A) egg yolks, castor sugar and low protein flour together until mixed. Add the warm milk and cheese mixture while whisking continuously to thoroughly blend into the egg yolk mixture without over cooking the eggs. Drain and transfer the mixture back into the saucepan and cook under medium low heat until thickened before removing from heat.

Transfer the thickened custard cream into a bowl. Immediately place cling wrap directly onto the surface of the cream until fully covered up. Set aside to cool completely then refrigerate for 1 hour to set before using.

Combine and heat up (B) water, milk and whipping cream in a saucepan until lukewarm within the range of 37-38C degrees. Set aside.

With the exception of (C) butter, combine all the ingredients (B) into a mixing bowl and knead till combined.

Add unsalted butter (C) and slowly increase the speed to medium and continue kneading for approx. 20-25 mins, until the dough becomes smooth and pass the window pane test. The same applies when you are completely kneading by hand.

Place dough into a slightly greased bowl. Cover bowl with either cling wrap or cloth and allow the dough to proof for 1-2 hours or until it doubled in size.

Punch down the dough. Divide the dough into 18 equal portions and mould it round. Let it rest for another 15 mins.
将面团用手压除气体,然后把面团平均分割成18等份, 滚圆盖上拧干的湿布或保鲜膜再让面团松弛15分钟.

Sprinkle the worktop with bread flour, flatten each dough into a disc and wrap in the chilled fillings (A) and seal the edges and mould round. Repeat the process for the balance 17 ps of dough.

Arrange the dough on a baking tray line with individual greased parchment paper. Space the doughs 4 inches apart to make room for the doughs to expand.

Final proof the bread in a unheated oven for another 50-60 mins until doubled in size.
将烤模放入未开火的烤箱中, 面团表面喷些水然后盖上烤箱门, 再侍发酵50-60分钟至两倍大.

Preheat a lidded ceramic coated non stick cooking pan under medium low heat for 6-7 mins. Once heated,  Gently place in several doughs to fit the pan. With lid covered, fry the bottom side over low heat for 6-8 mins then turn over and fry the other side for another 6-8 mins until cooked. If the buns are still pale you may flip over again on both sides to cook further (with lid close)  several minutes to cook until it is fully cooked. Dish and allow the buns to cool on wire rack.

(For Oven Bake 采用烤箱的做法)

8-10 Mins prior to baking time, remove baking pan from oven and turn on the oven heat to 200C degrees.
发酵好前8-10分钟, 将烤面团模从烤箱中取出, 烤箱打开预热刊至200C度.

(Optional) Apply egg wash and sprinkle some bread crumbs over the surface.
(自选) 在完成第二次发酵的面包表层上涂上蛋液后撒些面包碎。

Bake in the middle rack of a preheated oven at 200C degrees for 10-12 mins or until golden brown.

Remove bread from oven and allow to cool on cooling rack.

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