Monday, May 15, 2017

摩摩查查蒸糕 Simple Bubur Cha Cha Cake

The first time when I come across this recipe from Amy Wong's 'Aromas of Kuihs' and I wondered how would it taste like as I have never seen or tasted bubur cha cha in such form other than the creamy dessert we used to have.  To satisfy my curiosity, I decided to also adapt and attempt this steamed kuih since I happened to prepare the same ingredients for Bubur Cha Cha dessert.

Once you already have the ingredients prepared, making it is as easy as a breeze.  In general, it taste relatively good.. a cooked and pudding version of the dessert. Something new and usual.

Simple Bubur Cha Cha Cake

Ingredients 材料

160g Sugar 砂糖
1/2 Tsp Salt 盐
850ml Water 清水

180g Rice Flour 粘米粉
40g Corn Flour 玉米粉
100g Tapioca Flour 木薯粉
350ml Coconut Milk 椰浆

100g Orange Flesh Sweet Potatoes 橙肉番薯 (diced 切丁)
100g Purple Flesh Sweet Potatoes 紫肉番薯 (diced 切丁)
80g Yam 芋头 (diced 切丁)
40g Colored Sago Pearls 颜色沙谷粒
Tapioca Jelly 木薯粉块 (Optional)

Method 做法

Boil sago pearls (C) separately in saucepan with sufficient water till cooked. Drain. Soak in cold water and set aside.

Cook (C) sweet potatoes and yam until softened. Set aside.

Combine (A) into a saucepan and boil till sugar dissolves. Remove from heat and set aside.

Combine (B) into a mixing bowl and stir to mix. Sieve the mixture.  Add (A) to combine and mix evenly. Divide mixture into three equal portions.

Cook one portion of the mixture under low heat until slightly thickened. Transfer mixture into an 8 inch steaming tray. Sprinkle 1/3 portion of the ingredients (C) over the mixture and steam at medium high heat for 15 mins.

Repeat the cooking and preparation for the next portion of the mixture as per the earlier layer. Sprinkle the second portion of (C) onto the layer and steam for 15 mins.

Pour the balance portion of the mixture into the steaming tray. Sprinkle the last portion of (C) on top and steam for 20-25 mins.

Allow to cool slightly before serving.

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