Monday, May 11, 2015

Vegan Ang Ku Kuih with Mung Beans Filling

Here is another of my childhood food I am extremely fond of.  Split mung beans and coconut are the two common fillings used in making Ang Ku Kuih. I will gladly eat either one or both flavors. 

Thanks to my Singapore buddy who bought me a recipe book filled with lots of my favored  childhood desserts, and she was so sweet to also get me the correct plastic mould to the making of the kuihs. 

Some recipes suggested adding shallots while frying the mashed mung beans. Personally I am rather pleased to have it without, plus it is considered vegan when cooked without using garlic, onion and shallot.  to The preparation of the mung bean fillings may seem a bit tedious but once I tasted the delicious fillings in the kuih, I decided that the extra work has paid off. 

Ang Ku Kuih (Vegan)

300g Glutinous Rice Flour
200g Orange Sweet Potatoes, peeled & cubed
25ml Pandan Juice, 

80ml water
75ml Coconut Oil, Orange Red Food Colouring
Banana Leaf (Cut into rectangles to fit size of the ang ku mould)

300g Split mung beans, (w
ash and soak overnight. Drain)
2 Pandan Leaves (knotted)
150g sugar 

3 tbsp coconut oil


Steam mung beans on pandan leaves for 30 mins or  till soft and mushy. Discard pandan leaves. Mash the beans (while its hot) until fine paste.

Combine the mashed beans, sugar and coconut oil in a wok. Stir continuously over medium heat until mixture thickens and almost dry. Set aside and allow the mixture to

In a separate pot, boil the sweet potatoes till softened. Mash it into fine paste while hot.

In a mixing bowl, combine food colouring with 80ml water. Add in glutinous rice flour, mashed sweet potatoes and pandan juice and knead into smooth dough. 

Flatten a piece of dough to a round thin disc. Put a ball of fillings at the centre and wrap skin over fillings to seal it completely.

Lightly dust the ang ku kueh mould with glutinous rice flour and press the dough into the mould.

Unmould the kueh and place on top of a piece of banana leaf.  Steam Ang Ku Kueh over medium heat for 8-10 mins.

Set aside and brush the top with coconut oil.

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