Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Versatile Blogger Award

The Versatile Blogger Award 

As a new blogger, being nominated this award by an experienced food blogger whom I have admired since the day I started baking is a huge compliment and acknowledgment for my hours of baking, cooking, shooting and long hours sharing out the entire process in my blog. 

Thank you so so much Veronica for nominating my blog for this award. I am truly happy and honored to be nominated by her whom I have been following her blog  since I started exploring baking in 2012 and her blog Minty's Kitchen are one of the few earlier blogs I frequented and loved until today. Her blog is packed with lots of yummy recipes with simple and easy to follow instructions. If you have not come across her website, do hop on over!

According to VBA rules, I have to disclose seven or more facts about myself...

I am a retired Malaysian housewife living in Jakarta, I love reading, bookmarking recipes  from food blogs, internet shopping, photography and baking. Prior to my retirement, I worked in Singapore, Sabah and Kuala Lumpur in the commercial sector for 22 years. Being a stage 3 breast cancer survivor in 2006, I only started full vegan diet in 2013. Together with a healthy diet , inner peace through meditation and by understanding while following the dharma I am happy to keep the cancer in remission. I am thankful for everything and everyone I met in life  for the precious lessons they bring, either from their personal experience or through my interaction with them. From my friends, family and friendly acquaintances, I am grateful for their love and understanding. As for people whom I aren't agreeable with, I learn to accept them for who they are. It's through the people who aren't in my 'friendly' list that taught me about letting go. Letting go of the attachment to be right, letting go of the attachment to control people or situation to my way. By surpassing this attachment, I started to perceive the goodness of everyone instead of their shortcomings. After all, nobody is perfect and fault free, hence I am in no position to judge as well. Our relationship with others are very much dependent on how we perceive and react towards them. Even if the person do not reciprocate  to our kind and friendly demeanor, in my heart I am glad I have done my part not to create bad affinity with them. So long as we LET GO of any expectations towards our actions or deeds, no disappointment nor mental anguish shall haunt us.  Lastly, I have 3 beautiful 4 legged children and a wonderful husband who happily woofs down my baking creation. Through him, I managed to distribute all my bakes to his supportive work staff while some even used to place orders for cakes until I stopped due to my busy involvement in the buddhist centre.

As part of the rules, I would like to nominate the Versatile Blogger Award to the following blogs, please hop over to visit them:

Aunty Young by 安迪漾
Bernice Kitchen by Bernic Boon
Eileen's Diary by Eilee Lee
Butter, Flour & Me by Joceline Lyn
Gai Shu Shu by Kenneth Goh
Kitchen Corner by Grace

Congratulations to these deserving nominees! 

Lastly, I would also like to thank my blog followers and those who drop by and leaving valuable comments and encouraging words. Thank you!

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