Friday, August 14, 2015

全素金银萝卜糕 Vegetarian Carrot and Radish Cake

Another great recipe adapted from Amy Wong's Aromas of Kuihs to vegetarian version. Firm but yet tenderly chewy. Totally satisfied with this recipe!

这是一道我很满意的糕点食谱。 我把原著的食谱做稍微的修改成全素式的萝卜糕。食谱取自黄春梅的书籍“层层糕粿香”。

Vegetarian Carrot and Radish Cake 

Ingredients 材料 (A)

400g Radish 白萝卜
400g Carrot 红萝卜

400g Rice Flour 沾米粉
50g Wheat Flour 澄面粉
25g Corn Flour 玉米粉`
1200ml Water 清水


2-1/2 Tsp Salt 盐
2 Tsp Sugar 糖
1 Tbsp Vegetarian Mushroom Sauce 斋蠔油
1 Tsp Pepper 胡椒粉
1 Tsp Mushroom Stock Powder 香菇精

15g Ginger 姜 (chopped 切碎) 
40g Vegetarian Ikan Bilis 素江鱼仔 (chopped 切碎)
40g Vegetarian Meat 菇制素肉 (diced切丁)
30g  Chinese Mushroom 花菇 (soaked and chopped泡软后切碎)

3 Tbsp Sesame Oil 芝麻油

Method 做法

Grate radish and carrot. Scald both (A) together in boiling water and drain.

In a mixing bowl, mix ingredients (B) till combined. Set aside。

Combine ingredients (C) in a small bowl. Set aside.

In a large wok, heat up sesame oil (E) and fry ginger and ikan bilis (D) till fragrant. Stir in the remaining ingredients (D) and stir fry until evenly cooked. 

Add grated radish and carrot into the wok and continue stir frying until fragrant. Pour in the flour mixture (B) and cook until thickened. 

Transfer batter into a well greased 9"x9"x3"D square mould. 

Steam for 50 minutes or till cooked. Remove cake from mould after 3-4 hours when cool. 

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