Wednesday, July 8, 2015

香草奶油蛋糕 Vanilla Butter Cake

This is the most tastiest butter cake (according to my maid and hubby) I have ever made. And, its crack free! I have bookmarked this recipe in my 'To Bake' list of cakes for a very long time but just never gotten to do it. 


Last week I have still leftover vanilla pods from the making of french mille crepes, I decided to use it on making a basic cake. Something basic and generally acceptable by most people. I pondered over chiffon, sponge and butter cakes and finally settled on butter cake to ease my ample supply of butter in the fridge.


As it turned out, this cake is as good as what the recipe promised to deliver ...... a completely crack free butter cake. By using fresh vanilla seeds further enhanced the taste of this cake. I had reduced the sugar from the original recipe but it was still too sweet for my faithful cake enthusiasts. You might want to cut down on the sugar when baking this cake.

烘焙出的蛋糕真是如 Mrs NgSK's Butter Cake 里所描述的般完美,完全美有裂痕。加入香草根取出的种子给予蛋糕更浓厚的香味。尽此蛋糕的完美,我到认为太甜,建议糖可以减少10-20克。

Thumbs up to this wonderful recipe. 

Vanilla Butter Cake 
Recipe credit from  Mrs NgSK's Butter Cake


288g Salted Butter 室温软化有盐奶油, softened at room temp
250g Eggs 鸡蛋, 蛋黄蛋白分隔 separate eggs yolks from whites
150g Castor Sugar 幼糖
250g Self Raising Flour 过筛自发粉, sifted
75ml Low Fat UHT Milk 低脂牛奶
1 Vanilla Bean 香草种子, seeds scraped 

50g Castor Sugar 幼糖 (for meringue)


Preheat oven to 170C degrees.

Line base and grease sides of a 22x22x7cmD square baking pan with parchment paper. 

Place egg whites in a mixing bowl and beat until frothy. Add in 50g of castor sugar and continue beating until stiff peaks. Set aside.

Combine vanilla seeds with 150g castor sugar. Transfer the mixture to the mixing bowl of a stand mixer, cream butter with the castor sugar until pale and fluffy. 

Add in egg yolks into the batter,one at a time and mix well after each addition until well combined.

Add in half of the sifted flour and mix on low speed until combined. Add in milk to incorporate. Add in the remaining flour and mix on low speed till combined.

Transfer half of the egg whites mixture into the batter and continue mixing on low speed until incorporated. Fold in the balance egg whites to the batter.

Transfer and level cake batter into cake pan.

Bake in preheated oven at 170C degrees for 30mins and another 15 mins on 150C degrees, or until skewer inserted comes out clean.

Unmould cake from pan and leave to cool on cooling rack.

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