Saturday, July 11, 2015

传统印尼木薯椰丝蒸糕 Kue Ketimus ......Traditional Indonesian Tapioca Coconut Steamed Cake

My maid taught me this yummy and super easy 5 ingredients coconut and tapioca steam cake yesterday and the texture of the cake taste like steamed glutinous rice dumpling, but with minimal preparation and cooking time.

As compared to many other steam kuehs, this is certainly a simple and not so messy tea time dessert to make. To me, the best part is this recipe is totally vegan and I actually ate almost half of the entire lot.

Have a great weekend and may you have as much fun as I did spending time with my beloved partner and fur babies. 

Kue Ketimus (Traditional Indonesian Tapioca Coconut Steamed Cake)

Ingredients 材料
840g Grated Tapioca 木薯丝

325g Freshly Grated Coconut 新鲜椰丝
150g Gula Aren / Gula Melaka 红糖切碎
1/2 Tsp Salt 盐

Banana Leaves 芭蕉叶 (For Wrapping)


Prepare 14 pcs of banana leaves cut to 9x18cm size. Set aside.
准备14片切 成 9x18cm 大小的芭蕉叶。搁置。

Combine all ingredients into a mixing bowl until evenly mixed.

Scoop 2 Tbsp of the tapioca coconut mixture onto the centre of banana leaf. Fold into a rectangular shape with both ends tucking down.

Repeat the same for the balance mixture and steam the wrapped mixture under medium high heat for 30 minutes.
重复同样的过程一直到全部的木薯椰丝内馅都用完为止。 将芭蕉叶包好的木薯椰丝糕以中火蒸30分钟即熟。

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