Friday, July 10, 2015

芋泥地瓜年糕球 Sweet Potato Yam Nian Gao Balls

Nian Gao, also known as Chinese New Year's cake or New Year Sticky Cake, is prepared from glutinous rice and widely sold prior to the celebration of the Chinese Lunar New Year festival. Today, I am sharing this recipe with ready made Nian Gao which I overlooked using as it was a gift we received from someone during that time. 

我和丈夫特别爱吃炸年糕,恰好上个星期在家找到一个被遗忘了的年糕。幸好还没变质所以便在Jane's Corner 里找到这个非常易做的食谱。

If you are keen to try out this recipe but have no access to it, you could try making your own from Nasi Lemak Lover's recipe. Alternatively, you could also use their forms of preferred fillings easily available in your area. With or without, I still think the deep fried sweet potatoes and yam itself is good enough for my consumption. 

如果您有兴趣尝试制作这个食谱而又买不到年糕的话,你可从Nasi Lemak Lover 的博客里找到食谱自己尝试做。此外,你也可以加如其他喜好的内馅或者不加而存脆以芋头地瓜泥为主,对我来说都是很可口。

Sweet Potato Yam Nian Gao Balls
Recipe adapted from Jane's Corner

Ingredients 材料
250g Yam 芋泥, boiled and mashed
300g Sweet Potatoes 地瓜泥, boiled and mashed
125g Plain Flour 普通面粉
1-1/2 Tbsp Rice Flour 粘米粉
2 Tbsp Sugar 糖
1 Tsp Salt 盐
1/2 Tsp Eno 以囉果子盐 (Optional)

(Filling) 内馅
350g Nian Gao 年糕切丁, Cut into small cubes
Red Bean Paste 红豆沙 (store bought 现成包装的)


Combine boiled yam and sweet potatoes and mashed until evenly combined.

Add in flour, rice flour, sugar, salt and eno (if using) and knead to form a smooth dough.

Divide dough into 14g balls. Flatten the dough and place in the nian gao filling and shaped into a ball. Repeat the process until it is all used up.

In a deep frying pan or wok, heat up sufficient oil and deep fry the nian gao balls in medium heat oil until golden brown.

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