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传统印尼千层蛋糕 Traditional Indonesian Layer Cake

Bought a book during my recent trip back from Malaysia on the making of various types of layer cakes. The title of the book "Layer Cakes : Baking With Love" by Evon Kow hold a wide collection of layer cakes recipes from French Mille Crepes, Indonesian Layer Cakes, Layered Kuihs, Pastries and many other types of desserts.

我上两个月前回马来西亚时购买了一本烘焙食谱里面所记载的全是有关不同千层糕和蛋糕类的甜品点心。这本书的标题是"千层蛋糕 : 铺陈幸福的感觉" ,作者是高月云。书里面有记载着法国米勒煎饼蛋糕,印尼千层蛋糕,蒸分层粿,糕点等多种类型的甜点蛋糕层收集的食谱。

I had wanted to try making this cake for some time as I find it a real test towards my patience, taking hours to complete layers by layers. And so I did.


As I was not familiar with using grill mode with the oven, I wasn't patient in waiting for each layer to set completely before creating another. I ended with an overly compact layered cake. Lesson learnt from this experience....... patience patience and more patience.


Traditional Indonesian Layer Cake

Ingredients 材料 (A)
400g Whole Eggs 全蛋
500g Egg Yolks 蛋黄
300g Castor Sugar 幼糖
2 Tbsp Ovalette 乳化剂

Ingredients 材料(B)
200g Self Raising Flour 自发面粉

2 Tsp Mixed Spice 混合辛香科

Ingredients材料 (C)
500g Butter 有盐室温软化奶油, soften at room temp
4 Tbsp Condensed Milk 炼奶


Preheat oven to 200C degrees. 

Grease and line a 22x22x7cmD square baking pan and heat the pan for 2 mins prior to baking. 

Combine ingredients (C) in a mixing bowl and cream the butter until fluffy. Set aside.

In the bowl of a stand mixer with whisk attachment, beat all ingredients (A) until thick and fluffy.  

In a separate bowl, combine sifted flour and mixed spice. Gently add the sifted dry ingredients into the egg mixture (A) and continue whisking on medium low speed until well combined.
把材料(B)过筛好的自发面粉和混合辛香料混入另一个碗, 轻轻地倒入鸡蛋糊(A)内, 继续搅拌至均匀。

Lastly mix in the butter mixture on low speed in 3 batches. Beat well after each addition.

Place the empty baking pan into the preheated oven for 2 minutes. 

Set the oven to grill mode. Spread 3-4 Tablespoons of batter evenly into the bottom of the baking pan.

Tilt the cake pan around to evenly coat the base of the pan. Use the back of the spoon to level the surface. Grill each layer until it has cooked and browned.

Continue to spread 3-4 tablespoons of cake batter evenly by tilting the pan. Its like frying an omelette evenly on the frying pan. Repeat the steps until the batter is all used up.

Set the oven to 180C degrees (Upper and lower heat) and bake the cake for another 10 minutes before  removing the cake from oven.

Tips 技巧:

Always keep the cake surface 7-8 inches away from the grill. Adjust level of oven rack when necessary.
将蛋糕模放入烤炉的中下格。确保蛋糕表层离导热管约7-8寸. 可自行调节烘烤架的高低度。

Cover the top with aluminum foil if the cake surface browns too early during the last 10mins of baking.

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