Wednesday, August 26, 2015

全素咖喱角 Vegan Curry Puffs

Curry puff, a popular local snack I never get tired of eating since childhood. It can be eaten as breakfast, afternoon tea snack wherever its available.


With my hubby away for several day on business trip, my maid and I would usually make something simple rather than proper meal. For me, I would settle for ready made biscuits to go along with coffee or go instant noodles, like my maid, who is 'Indo Mie' queen. It seems, lots of indonesian thrives on eating instant noodles. This explains why Indonesia is the world's largest producer of instant noodles. Unlike us, they buy instant noodles by the cartons for home consumption. 

随着我的丈夫出差几天,我和侍女通常都选择不下厨煮饭烧菜,越简单越好。对我来说,我只要有现成的饼干配咖啡,在不就煮快熟面。我家侍女,就是典型的“印度即食面'女王,可以天天都吃快熟面。原来这个实习都是许多印尼人的日长 生活习俗,他们每当购买即食面大多是以整箱包装面购买。这证明了为什么印度尼西亚是世界上最大的即熟面生产国。

As in the case of my maid, she prefers eating instant noodles than the wide array of freshly cooked dishes available at home. I suppose their culture is very much into instant noodles. Today when she heard me mentioning about making curry puffs, she returned back the packet of Indomie she originally planned to have for lunch. Hmmm, the curry puff is tempting enough for her to forego the mee.  

Lucky that, or else I would ended up 20+ pcs of curry puffs with no one to help clearing.

Vegan Curry Puffs

Ingredients 材料

Pastry 面皮材料 (A)

250g Plain Flour 面粉
2-1/2 Tsp Corn Oil 玉米油
120-130ml Water 清水
1/3 Tsp Salt 盐

Fillings 内馅(B)

Vegan Curry Potato Fillings 素咖喱马铃薯内馅

Method 做法

Combine ingredients (A) in a mixing bowl and knead for 6-8 mins too form a smooth dough. Cover the bowl with damp cloth or cling wrap and allow the dough to rest for 15 mins.

Sprinkle some flour onto the worktop. Roll the dough into a long rectangle and start rolling in the dough lengthwise like a roulade.


Cut the rolled dough into 24 pcs approx. 16-17g each. Dust the dough with some flour and roll each cut dough into 2 inch disc.


Place 1 Tbsp of fillings (B) onto the center of the dough and fold the dough into half like the shape of a crescent. 


Press and seal the edges with fingers. Use a fork to make imprints onto the seal edges. 


Repeat the process with the remaining doughs and ingredients.


For deep frying, heat sufficient oil in a deep frying pan and slide in the curry puffs in batches.  When the puffs floats up to the surface and turn golden brown, it is ready.

若是油炸,就预先准备 把油煮热, 等油烧热后慢慢的把咖喱角加入锅 内以中火炸至浮上油面即又变金黄色,表示已煮熟,就可离火。

To fry with air fryer, preheat the fryer at 180C degrees for 5 mins. Arrange the curry puffs into the air fryer tray,spray the curry puff surface with a thin coat of cooking oil and set it to frying mode at 180C degrees for 20 mins. Turn the curry puffs in the fryer tray every 5 mins to ensure the puffs are evenly brown.
若是采用空气炸锅,那就依照空气炸锅的操作程序先 预热炸锅180℃度为5分钟。把咖喱角排入空气中炸锅托盘里,面皮表面涂抹少许食油,并将空气炸锅设置为油炸模式以180℃度烘烤20分钟。每隔五分钟便打开炸锅把咖喱角翻面,让咖喱角均匀上色。

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