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香兰千层蛋糕 Kek Lapis Legit Pandan

My last attempt at making the traditional Lapis Legit cake did not turn out to what I hoped hence I decided to try another recipe source from Bitter Sweet Spicy. From what I saw from her blog, she makes beautiful Indonesian layer cakes and has years of good experience making such cakes.
上个月我因对所採用的印尼传统千层蛋糕配方效果欠满意,今次便选择採用Bitter Sweet Spicy博客里的千层蛋糕食谱尝试看看。从她的博客里所呈现的多种千层蛋糕照片与博客追随者的评论可见,Bitter Sweet Spicy对这类的蛋糕却有浓厚的经验。

A traditional Indonesia Lapis Legit Cake is usually packed with large amount of butter fats, sugar and eggs into in 1 average size cake. Hence I always shy away from them until recently I decided to at least try making once for my photography project. Yup, it was indeed a long and tedious process taking me almost 4 hours to complete.
由于制造千层蛋糕採用大量的牛油脂,糖和鸡蛋于一个蛋糕内, 这些年以来我都一直没想尝试试作。但为了寻找摄影提材最后还是选上了这个高脂多糖的蛋糕 :P 整个蛋糕的制造过程却是辛苦即花时间整整用上了四个小时

This recipe from Bitter Sweet Spicy produces a moist and softer textured cake, since the entire cake only use egg yolks. No egg whites required. This was truly shocking for me when I already dislike the idea of using 20 full eggs for my last recipe. This recipe calls for 30 egg yolks! 
Bitter Sweet Spicy  食谱所制造出来的蛋糕润柔即有质感,我想是因为整个蛋糕只採用(大量)的蛋黄。当我在上回的千层蛋糕里採用了20粒全蛋时,心里已觉得过份,谁知这个食谱仅是採用33粒蛋黄不须蛋清更是惊讶!

Ironically, I adjusted the recipe by adding 10% extra ingredients from the original source to make mine. This is to compensate the bigger cake pan I had against the proposed smaller size baking pan the author indicated.


Kek Lapis Legit Pandan
Recipe source Bitter Sweet Spicy

Ingredients 材料
500g Salted butter
 室内回温有盐奶油 softened at room temp
42g sweetened condensed milk

1 tsp Vanilla paste 
33 egg yolks
210g caster sugar
60g plain Cake Flour 
42g milk powder
a few drops of green colouring
1 Tbsp Pandan essence 
2 Tsp Lapis spice powder 千层蛋糕混合香料粉

Method 做法

Preheat oven to 190C degrees. 

Grease and line a 8x8-inch square baking pan and heat the pan for 2 mins prior to baking. 

Combine butter, condensed milk & vanilla paste / essence in a mixing bowl & cream until pale and fluffy. Set aside. 

In the bowl of a stand mixer with whisk attachment, beat egg yolks & sugar until thick & fluffy. Add in sifted flour and milk powder & mix till well blended. Then add in creamed butter in 3 batches & continue mixing until well combined. 

Transfer out 1/3 of the cake batter and mix it with green colouring & pandan essence. Add Lapis spice powder to the  remaining batter and mix well. 


Spread 3-4 Tbsp of Lapis Spice batter into preheated cake pan. Tilt the cake pan around to evenly coat the base of the pan. Use the back of the spoon to level the surface. Grill each layer until it has cooked and browned. Remove pan from the oven & press the top of cake using the back of the spoon. Continue the same process for the second layer. 


Spread 3-4 Tbsp of the pandan batter into the pan and spread evenly. Transfer it back to oven and continue the same grilling process as per the earlier layers. Once the pandan layer is thoroughly cooked, remove pan from oven and continue baking another 2 layers of lapis spice layers and follow by 1 layer of pandan layer. Repeat the process until until finish. 

After grilling the final layer, set the oven to 180C degrees (Upper and lower heat) and bake the cake for another 10-15 minutes before  removing the cake from oven. This will help to fully cook those very moist lapis cake and also reduce the wetness. 


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

蛋清红色天鹅绒蛋糕 Egg White Red Velvet Cake

Our maid and driver were away for an entire week to celebrate the Hari Ray Idulfitri holiday hence it also became an extremely long and quiet break for me and hubby. Both of us were under house arrest for 7 days without stepping out of the house. My hubby seemed to relish in helping out on the house chores as his form of exercise while I was busy with my 3 fur babies, cooking, slight baking and intensive cleaning. The side effects of over dependent on my maid and driver lol. A reason to be thankful for the given blessings while stationed in Indonesia. 

During the long break, I baked several cakes and also experiment with more vegan cooking for my hubby who was sucked with 24 hours home cooked food and desserts. Among the cakes I have made, one of it used up 33 pcs of egg yolks while leaving me with whites. Since then I have tried every possible recipe to get rid of the whites through egg white omelette, angel cake and any dishes I could used it on. 

Here is one not so typical Red Velvet cake recipe which I experimented using egg whites only. Based on feedback, the texture is soft and chewy almost like Angel Cake, but denser. Personally, I love the smell of the cake though. Do give it a try.
这项蛋清红色天鹅绒蛋糕 食谱是我随便地将普通海绵蛋糕和红色天鹅绒蛋糕来制作出来的成功成品。跟剧尝试者们的评论,这蛋糕又软湿即香和口感。

Happy Baking!

Egg White Red Velvet Cake

Ingredients 材料(A)
330g Milk 鲜奶
2 Tbsp Instant Coffee Powder 速溶咖啡粉
165g Canola Oil 菜籽油
120g Egg White 蛋白/蛋清
1/3 Tsp Salt 盐

230g Cake Flour 蛋糕粉
2 Tbsp Cocoa Powder 可可粉
2 Tsp Red Yeast Rice Powder 红曲粉
2 Tsp Pure Vanilla Powder 纯香草粉
1 Tsp Baking Powder 发粉

1 Cup Buttermilk 酪漿 or ( 1 Cup Plain Yoghurt 纯酸奶 + 1 Tbsp Vinegar 白醋)
1 Tsp Baking Soda 蘇打粉+ 1 Tsp Vinegar 白醋
Red Food Coloring 红色食用色素

445g Egg White 蛋白 / 蛋清
3g Cream of Tartar 搭搭粉
170g Castor Sugar 幼糖
1 Tbsp Lemon Juice 柠檬汁

Method 做法

Heat up milk with coffee powder until dissolved. Set aside to cool.

In a mixing bowl, sift all the dry ingredients (B) together. Set aside.

To replace buttermilk, alternate with mixing plain yoghurt with vinegar in a bowl and allow the mixture to stand for 10 mins before using.

In a separate mixing bowl, combine coffee milk mixture and balance of the ingredients from (A) with a balloon whisk until well blended. Sift in dry mixture from (B) and stir with the hand held whisk until combined.

Add in buttermilk OR yoghurt vinegar mixture (C) to the batter. At this point, add in the fizzy baking soda vinegar mixture. Combine using the hand whisk to achieve a smooth batter. Add food coloring to your preference. Set aside.

In the dry and clean bowl, beat the egg whites with electrical whisk until frothy. Add in cream of tartar and continue beating the egg whites until meringue become glossy. Add in the sugar in 2 batches and continue beating until soft peak. Stir in lemon juice.

Fold the egg whites batter to the cake batter in 2 batches swiftly and gently.

Transfer batter to a 23cm chiffon cake mould and bake in a preheated oven at 170C degrees for 40 mins and 160C degrees for another 10-15 mins (depending on your oven)。

Remove cake pan from oven and immediately invert on a cooling rack to cool. Unmould and serve.

Friday, July 17, 2015

法式巧克力千层蛋糕 French Style Chocolate Mille Crepes

Not another mille crepe recipe again. 

To get my money's worth from money spent on buying a recipe book written solely on Mille Crepes making, I am back into exploring the next recipe from this book 'French Style Mille Crepes' by Coco Kong. This book contains 50 Mille Crepe recipes! By the time I was done with my 2nd Mille Crepe recipes, I would have gathered enough hands on experience on making good fried omelette. Since the entire process mostly involved frying the cake batter.
为了好好利用这本仅有法式千层蛋糕食谱的书辑 “江丽风老师的'French Style Mille Crepes 法式浪漫千层蛋糕' 食谱专辑系列丛书38“,我又再次拿起书辑进行我第二个法式千层蛋糕工程。这本书里一共有50种法式千层蛋糕的配方,而当我完成我第二个法式千层蛋糕后,相信自己也学习到一手煎蛋卷的好手法。

I was over ambitious to achieve a higher cake which appeared way too 'peak' from the extra layers of crepe. What I have learnt from this experience was to go moderate on the crepe layers between 18-22 is sufficiently presentable and ease of consuming. For this recipe, I have adjusted the formula for 18-20 crepes layers, depending on how thin you pan fry each crepe.

If you love eating mille crepes cake and would like try making your own, this book is a sure keeper. The outcome of the cake is as good as what I encountered from the making of my first Mille Crepe cake, the French style vanilla mille crepe cake.  Its much easier than baking a cake. 

According to the author, the crepes batter (A) is allowed 30 mins resting before adding in the melted butter for better batter consistency. If butter is added in too early,  it will create thick finishing to the crepes.

French Style Chocolate Mille Crepes

To Make Crepes 蛋糕皮料 (A)
460g UHT Milk 低脂鲜奶
300g Eggs 鸡蛋
1/2 Tsp Salt 盐
120g Plain Flour 中筋面粉
13g Cocoa Powder 可可粉
60g Icing Sugar糖粉

65g Unsalted Butter (melted by double boiling) 隔水炖溶无盐奶油

To Make Filling 馅料(C)
360g Fresh Whipping Cream 植物性鲜奶油
100g Chocolate Buttons 巧克力币豆

Ganache 巧克力伽纳彻(D)

150g Cooking Chocolate 巧克力液块
100g Fresh Whippiing Cream植物性鲜奶油 

Method 做法

Get ready a 22-24cm non stick skillet, 1 palette knife, cake turntable and an 8" flat serving plate or cake board.

Combine all ingredient (A) into a large mixing bowl and mix until the batter is smooth. Strain through a sieve. Cover batter with cling wrap and allow to sit / rest for 30 minutes. 
将材料(A)放入一个大碗里搅拌均匀后过滤, 休面30分钟.

Prepare melted butter from ingredient (B) and set aside to cool for later use.

Add in melted butter to batter (A) and mix well just prior to frying the crepes. 

Heat a non-stick frying pan over medium heat. Use a ladle to scoop the crepes batter into the pan while swirling the pan to evenly spread the cake batter. Pour off any excess batter back into the mixing bowl. Cook crepe until the surface starts to bubble and the bottom layer has set.

Use a spatula to ease away the layer from the pan. At this point, you may carefully lift up the crepe by hand or any other tools to make sure the crepes does not break.
Place the cooked crepes on a baking tray while finishing the remaining batter. Stir well to prevent the batter from thickening before cooking each layer. Repeat the process until the batter is all used up.
用划刀把饼皮划离锅, 再轻轻的用手把饼皮取出放在在一个容器或烤盘上, 重复做法至完成. 千万要记得每当倒入面糊入锅时必须先搅匀, 以防止面糊浓稠。重覆过程直到面糊全部煎完为止。

Beat the whipping cream with a hand held electric hand beater / mixer until thickened。Set aside.

To assemble cake, place cake board or plate on the turntable. Place the 1st piece crepe layer on the board / plate. Spread a thin layer of filling on top. Stack on the 2nd piece of crepe. Lightly flatten each layer with hand to sandwich the cream onto the crepe. 
组合蛋糕, 将蛋糕板放在蛋糕转盘上,铺第一层饼皮,抹一层薄薄的馅料在表面之后再铺上第二层饼皮,然后用手轻按餅皮中间部份使馅料分布均匀。 

Spread on a thin layer of the filling over the top of the crepe and place the 3rd piece of crepe over it. Continue spreading a layer of cream filling over the crepe, place some chocolate buttons over the fillings. Spread another layer of crepe over it. Press down lightly with hands.  Repeat the process until the last layer. Do not spread filling on the final top layer.
继续铺上另三层饼皮,抹一层薄薄的馅料在表面,放置一些巧克力币豆在馅料层上,接下来再铺上另一层饼皮,轻按餅皮中间部份使馅料分布均匀。 重复至完成。 最后一层不须抹馅料。

Double boil chocolate ganache (D) with cooking chocolate until melted and evenly combined. Pour mixture over the top of the cake layer. Chill the cake overnight before serving.

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马铃薯面包 Potato Loaf

Last month I made a batch of Potato Honey Buns which my hubby and maid finished consuming within 2 days. Seeing how much they enjoyed that recipe, I decided to make another batch of the similar bread with minor adaptations. 

This soft and chewy bread recipe was adapted from Carol Hu's The Second Book of Baking for Beginners by Carol Hu 胡涓涓. I am submitting this to Cook Your Books #25 hosted by Joyce of Kitchen Flavors.


Potato Loaf 
Recipe for 2 Loaves

Ingredients (A) 
200g Mashed Potato 马鈴薯泥
130g UHT Fresh Milk 鲜奶
75g Honey 蜂蜜
2 Eggs 鸡蛋 (less than 50g net weight each 每粒蛋不超过50克净重)
340g Bread Flour 高筋面粉
40g Cake Flour 低筋面粉/蛋糕粉
1 Tsp Instant Yeast 速发干酵母
1/4 Tsp Salt 盐
40g Melted Butter 融化奶油

Unsalted Butter 无盐奶油, Cut to short strips 切成幼短条 (Optional)
Cake Flour 蛋糕粉/低筋面粉 (Dusting 撒粉)

Method 做法

Combine all ingredients (A) into the bowl of a stand mixer with dough hook and mix with lower speed until all ingredients are well combined.
将所有材料(A) 倒入搅拌器的钢盆中以慢速度搅拌搓揉成为一个不粘手的面团.

Slowly increase the speed to medium and continue kneading for approx 15-18 mins, until the dough becomes smooth and pass the window pane test.

Transfer the dough to a slightly greased bowl, cover bowl with either cling wrap or cloth. Allow the dough to proof for an hour or until the dough doubled in size.
将揉好的面团滚圆, 收口朝下捏紧放入涂抹少许油的盆中, 罩上拧干的湿布或保鲜膜, 放置到温暖很密闭的空间进行第一次发酵约60分钟或至少两倍大.

Test the readiness of the dough with a finger lightly dusted with low gluten or cake flour. The dough is ready when it remain indented after the finger pokes into it.
第一次发酵完成后, 用手指沾上低筋面粉, 然后直接戳入面团中心. 如果戳出的洞陵没有弹回的迹象, 便完成第一次发酵. 如果戳出的洞渐渐回缩, 则再继续发酵5-10分钟, 然后再用同样的心方式测试.

Punch down the dough. Divide the dough into 16 equal portions and mould it round. Let it rest for another 15 mins.
工作桌上洒上一些高筋面粉. 将发酵好的面团从盆子中移出.  面团表面也洒上一些高筋面粉, 然后将面团用手压下去将气体挤出来. 把面团平均分割成16等份, 然后滚成圆形, 盖上拧干的湿布或保鲜膜再让面团休息15分钟.

Arrange 8 pcs of round dough each into 2 greased loaf pan 23x13x6.5cm. 

Spray some water over the surface with a fine mist nozzle. Final proof the bread in a unheated oven for another 50-60 mins.
将两个烤模放入未开火的烤箱中, 面团表面喷些水然后盖上烤箱门, 再侍发酵50-60分钟至两倍大.

8-10 Mins prior to baking time, remove baking pan from oven and turn on the oven heat to 170C degrees.
发酵好前8-10分钟, 将烤面团模从烤箱中取出, 烤箱打开预热刊至170C度.

Place 1-2 strips of butter in between the grooves. Dust a thin layer of cake flour over the top.
将切成条状的奶油放在面团缺口上. 面团上撒一层薄薄的低筋面粉。

Bake the bread loaves in the middle lower level of a preheated oven at 170C degrees for 35-38 mins.
放进已经预热至170C度的烤箱中下层烘烤35-38分钟, 至表面呈现金黄色即可.

Remove bread from oven and turn it out onto cooling rack to cool.


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芋头布丁 Taro Pudding

Are you a fan of yam / taro? 


This is a great recipe taken from the book 'Delicious Nyonya Kueh & Desserts' by Patricia Lee. We all love this kueh pudding and its vegan too! To me, this dessert is truly soft with smooth texture like pudding despite its preparation and cooking method more attuned towards steam cakes. Yummy!  

这是一个非常可口的糕点食谱,取自于Patricia Lee的‘娘惹粿风味糕点’食谱书里。虽然煮法跟蒸粿相似,制作出来的糕点却是如其名般, 就如布丁一样柔软与光滑。此外,又是全素无加奶蛋素,对素食主义的我是最好的消息。赞!

Taro Pudding 

Ingredients 材料

550g Taro / Yam 芋头
350ml Thick Coconut Milk 浓椰浆
100ml Pandan Water 班兰水
110g Sugar 砂糖
85g Rice Flour 粘米粉
85g Tapioca Flour 木薯粉
a pinch of salt 盐少许
200g Grated White Coconut 白椰茸
6 Pandan Leaves 班兰叶
2-3 Drops Purple Food Colouring 紫色食用色素2-3滴

Directions 做法

Combine grated coconut,3 pcs of pandan leaves and salt evenly and steam for 7-10 mins. Leave to cool.
椰茸, 三片班兰叶及盐拌匀, 蒸7至10分钟. 待凉.

Boil 150ml of water with 3 pandan leaves for 10 minutes to get 100ml of pandan water. Set Aside. 

Cut taro into small pieces and boil in a pot with sufficient over the taro for 20 mins or until until soft.
芋头切成小块, 泡入乘满足够清水的锅里煮20分钟直到芋头煮软熟透为止。

While waiting for the taro to be cooked, combine coconut milk, pandan water, sugar, rice flour and tapioca flour into a mixing bowl and stir until well combined.

Drain the cooked taro. Transfer taro into a blender, add in half of the coconut milk flour mixture, purple food coloring and blend together with  the taro until blended. If your blender is huge enough, you may add in the balance of the coconut flour mixture into the taro mixture and blend into a smooth paste. Otherwise, you may transfer the blended taro into the balance coconut flour mixture and mix evenly. 

Pour batter into muffin cups and steam the batter for 25-30 mins. Leave to cool.

Unmould taro pudding onto the grated coconut and coat liberally before serving.

Do link back to Coco Sweet Tooth if you have used any information as published in this blog.

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