Sunday, March 20, 2016

清润解热素苦瓜汤 Vegetarian Bitter Gourd Soup

With my husband's hectic traveling schedule and not drinking enough water for proper hydration, I decided to make him this soothing soup rich with cooling properties.

This is my first time making this soup without the use of meat and we were pleasantly surprise with the outcome. To us, this vegetarian version taste better than the meat laden types which could sometime come with a foul aftertaste of dead meat.

If you are looking for something simple and yet nourishing then this is another soup option to consider.

Vegetarian Bitter Gourd Soup

Ingredients 材料

3 Medium Size Bitter Gourd 苦瓜
1 Large Carrot 红萝卜(大)
150g Chickpeas 鹰嘴豆
135g Vegetarian Burdock Meat Balls 素牛膀肉丸
10 pcs Chinese Mushrooms 香菇
3 pcs Dried Honey Dates 蜜枣干
1-1/2 inch Ginger 姜
3.5 Lit Water 清水

1-2 Sweet Corn 甜玉米
2 Tsp Mushroom Powder 香菇粉
1/2 Tbsp Salt 盐

Directions 步骤

Soak chickpeas overnight. Drain.

Peel carrot and cut into chunks. Set aside.

Slit bitter gourd in half lengthwise. Use a spoon to scoop out and discard the seeds and white inner flesh to remove much of the bitterness from it. Cut into chunks.


Soak Chinese mushrooms for 1 hour the drain till tender. Remove stem and set aside.


Wash and remove the outer skin of the ginger with a metal spoon. Slice the ginger and set aside.

Wash and drain dried honey dates. Set aside. 

Thoroughly wash and squeeze out excess oil from the vegetarian mock meat before using.

把素牛膀素肉丸洗净, 尽量洗去素肉内的油脂才采用。

Transfer all of the above stated ingredients into the high pressure cooker fill with 3.5 liters of water and boil under medium heat for 40 mins until tender. Allow the cooker to sit for 30 mins to release the trapped steam before opening the lid.

Transfer the soup and ingredients into a deep pot.

Wash sweet corn and cut into 1/3 length. Add sweet corn into pot together with the soup.

Cook under medium low heat for 1 hour or more.

Season with mushroom powder and salt. Serve.

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