Thursday, May 4, 2017

椰汁喳喳 Bubur Cha Cha

This is one of the local dessert I would never get tired of, especially when its cooked with yam and sweet potatoes.  If you are also into this rich santan sweet dessert, this will be a good recipe to try on.

Bubur Cha Cha

Ingredients 材料

Tapioca Jelly Beans 木薯粉团 (A)
110g Tapioca Flour 木薯粉
70ml Boiling Water 滚水
3-4 Drops Red Food Coloring 食用红色色素
4-5 Drops Green Pandan Paste 食用绿色班兰精
600ml Boiling Water 滚水
2 Tsp Castor Sugar 细砂糖

300g Yam / Taro 芋头 (diced 切丁)
250g Yellow Sweet Potatoes 黄肉番薯 (diced 切丁)
250g Purple Sweet Potatoes 紫肉番薯 (diced 切丁)
8 pcs Pandan Leaves 班兰叶 (knotted 打结)
40g Sago Pearls 西米
1000ml Water 清水
130g Rock Sugar 冰糖
500ml Thick Coconut Milk 浓椰浆
1/2 Tsp Salt 盐

Method 做法

Pour 70ml boiling water (A) over tapioca flour and stir to combine. Knead to form smooth dough. Divide dough into two equal portions.

Mix one portion with red food coloring while the other portion with green pandan paste. Knead to achieve even colour.

Dust palms with tapioca flour to avoid dough from sticking onto hands when handling. Pinch some dough from each portion and roll into small round balls.  Set aside.

Heat up 600ml of water (A) in a saucepan and bring to boil. Add tapioca jelly beans and cook till it floats. Stir to prevent from sticking to one another. Discard the water and scoop out the cooked tapioca jelly beans. Transfer jelly beans into bowl with cold water to prevent sticking. Set aside.

Steam yam / taro under medium hight heat for 10 mins until cooked. Set aside.

Bring 1000ml water (B) with pandan leaves to boil. Add rock sugar and cook until sugar melts. Add sweet potatoes and bring to boil. Add sago pearls continue to simmer with close lid for 8-10min until soft. Discard pandan leaves. Add steamed yam.

Stir in salt and coconut milk and and mix thoroughly. Continue to boil for 10 mins before removing from heat to serve.

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