Thursday, January 28, 2016

营养素ABC汤 Vegetarian ABC Soup

Are you a soup person? My husband is certainly one who loves to have soup to accompany any rice meal. ABC soup is one of the most commonly consumed soup in our household as it is rich in taste and it is packed with lots of nourishing elements.

Today I am sharing this delicious vegetarian version which is free from onion and meat. My family prefer this version better than the original meat version. Feel free too try this out and revert back on your feedback.

Vegetarian ABC Soup

Ingredients 材料
500g Carrot 红萝卜
525g Potatoes 马铃薯
400g Tomatoes 番茄
150g Vegetarian Burdock Meatballs 素牛蒡肉丸
1 Tbsp Peppercorn 胡椒粒
2pcs Dried Honey Dates 蜜枣干
3Lit Water 清水

1-2 Tbsp Tomato Ketchup 番茄酱

200g Tomatoes 番茄

1 Tbsp Mushroom Powder 香菇粉
Salt to Taste 盐

Directions 做法

Peel and cut carrots and potatoes into chunks. Tomatoes cut into 4-6 sections. 

Dice and soak pickled szechuan vegetable for 30 mins. Drain.


Wash vegetarian meatballs thoroughly and scald briefly with boiling water to remove excess oil. Drain.

Transfer all ingredients (A) into a deep bowl pressure cooker and cook under medium low heat for  40 mins or more.

Remove from heat.  Allow the pressure cooker to sit for 30 minutes to release the pressure before removing the lid.

Transfer 1/3 of the soup with ingredients into a blender. Add tomato ketchup (B) into the mixture and pulse blend for 10-15 seconds.


Transfer the blended soup mixture together with the balance soup with ingredients from the pressure cooker into a deep pot.  Add in (D) cut tomatoes and bring the pot back to simmer with medium low heat for 30 minutes or more.

Season with mushroom powder, salt and pepper. Serve.

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