Friday, January 1, 2016

素莲藕花生汤 Vegetarian Lotus Root Soup

I grew up from a family whereby clear soups were a big part of our menu. Even so, I was not exactly a fan of having soup for any rice meal and being a teochew I am more keen on rich gravy dishes. Unlike my cantonese husband who finish up the soup, I will the one who ate the accompanying ingredients in the soup.

According to traditional medicine, Lotus root soup is attributed to have nourishing health benefits  as it is claimed to boost ones immune system. I got hooked to this soup dish since early childhood, and now, after being a vegetarian, I managed to get hold of good lotus soup recipes from the dharma centre. This is a tasty vegetarian tasty lotus root soup recipe even without the need for meat or dried cuttlefish.

Vegan Lotus Root Soup

Ingredients 材料
750g Lotus Root 莲藕
60g Peanuts 花生
150g Chickpeas 鹰嘴豆
130g Chinese Water Chestnut 马蹄
135g Vegetarian Burdock Vegetarian Meat Balls 素牛膀素肉丸
8 pcs Red Dates 红枣
6 pcs Dried Chinese Yam 淮山
5g Fragrant Solomon's Seal 玉竹
2pcs Dried Honey Dates 蜜枣干
1-2 Sweet Corn 甜玉米
3.5-4Lit Water 清水

1/2 Tbsp Mushroom Powder 香菇粉
1/2 Tbsp Salt 盐

Directions 步骤

Soak peanuts and chickpeas overnight. Drain.

Peel lotus roots and chestnuts. Cut to bite size if needed.

Wash and drain lotus roots, red dates, chinese yam, solomon's seal, dried honey dates and water chestnuts.

Transfer all of the above stated ingredients into the high pressure cooker fill with 2.5-3 liters of water and boil under medium heat for 40 mins until tender. Allow the cooker to sit for 30 mins to release the trapped steam before opening the lid.

Transfer the soup and ingredients into a deep pot.

Wash sweet corn and cut into 1/3 length. Add sweet corn into pot together with the soup.

Thoroughly wash and squeeze out excess oil from the vegetarian mock meat. Add to the pot of soup to combine.
把素牛膀素肉丸洗净, 尽可洗去油脂再加入进汤锅里。

Transfer the balance 1 Liter of water to the soup and cook under medium low heat for 1 hour or more.

Season with mushroom powder and salt. Serve.

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