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无麸质三宝狗蛋糕 Gluten Free 3 Goodies Doggy Cake

Yesterday was another memorable day for us as we celebrated my eldest furry kid's 14th birthday! In human age, that's a very huge number equivalent to 98 years old!

Still we are very thankful for having her with us all these years and our love for her grows every single day. Watching her happily running about as a puppy and gradually progressing to a feeble, blind, deaf and arthritic aged doggy, we have nothing else to ask for except for her welfare and comfort during such difficult time.

With each passing birthday celebration, we prayed for her well being hoping for being able celebrate the many following birthdays to come.

As my old baby girl is highly allergic to wheat and rice, I have specially made her a gluten free cake with purple sweet potato, potatoes, pumpkin and organic wheat free chicken treats. The cake turned out so well while filling the house with the aroma of sweet potatoes. It smells so good that I am so tempted to eat them. If you wish to do so, I suggest you increase the sugar content and also to omit the doggy treats in the recipe. Just follow the rest of the recipe and you will be chomping the cake away on your own.

Happy Birthday Lady Coco! May you be blessed always!

Gluten Free 3 Goodies Doggy Cake

Ingredients 材料
60g Tapioca Flour 木薯粉
60g Potato Flour 马铃薯粉
1/2 Tsp Baking Powder 发酵粉

150g Purple Sweet Potatoes 紫地瓜
140g Pumpkin 南瓜
80g Gluten Free Chicken Treats 有机无麦鸡肉饼
4 Large Eggs 鸡蛋(大)
35g Brown Organic Sugar 有机红糖
60g Corn Oil 玉米油
80g Coconut Milk 椰浆

350 Potatoes 马铃薯
Few Gluten Free Chicken Treats 有机无麦鸡肉饼

Method 做法

Sieve and combine ingredients (A) together into a bowl until mixed. Set aside.

Transfer chicken treats (B) into a food processor and process it to fine bits. Set aside.

Steam pumpkin and mashed while its hot. Cover and set aside to cool.

Cut potatoes into cubes and steam until tender. Immediately add 1 Tbsp of corn oil and coconut milk each into the  steamed potatoes and mashed it while its hot. Transfer mashed potatoes into a piping bag and set aside for later use.

Cut purple potatoes into cubes and stem until tender. Immediately add 1 Tbsp of corn oil and 2 Tbsp coconut milk into the  steamed potatoes and mashed it while its hot. Cover and set aside to cool.

Preheat oven to 160C degrees.

Using an electrical mixer, beat eggs until frothy. Add sugar and continue beating on medium speed until the mixture is thick and tripled in volume.

Whisk in the floor mixture (A) in 2 additions and fold to combine.

Add in the balance corn oil and coconut milk to fold to incorporate.

Divide the batter into 3 equal portions.  Add mashed purple sweet potato to one portion while the balance 2 parts to be combine with mashed pumpkin and blended chicken treats each.

Fold all the batter to combine. The batter with the purple sweet potato will be drier than the other two batters.

Spoon in the 3 different cake batter into a greased 7-8 inch cake pan.

Transfer the cake pan into the preheat oven and bake for 30-35 mins or until cooked.

Cool the cake onto the cooling rack for 30 mins. Unmould the cake and place it on a flat plate.

Pipe mashed potatoes onto the cake surface and decorate with chicken treats as desired.

Do link back to Coco Sweet Tooth if you have used any information as published in this blog. 

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