Thursday, May 11, 2017

蒸木薯糕 Steamed Ubi Kayu Kuih

Whilst Malaysia celebrates Wesak Day yesterday, Indonesia officially celebrate this today and hence it is another public holiday for many companies.

Yesterday we made a good batch of vegetarian nyonya curry noodles which I will be sharing the recipe when I am done with the writing. 

For today, I am sharing this super easy steamed tapioca kuih recipe which I am extremely with. I had tried making many versions of steamed tapioca kuih in the past and this is one of the few good versions I am happy with. This recipe is certainly a keeper for future remake.

今天所分享的是这道极容易又满意的蒸木薯糕食谱,在我所尝试制做的木薯糕中算是非常不错的版本, 看来我因该会继续采用这项蒸木薯糕食谱一直到遇上还更好的版本。

Steamed Ubi Kayu Kuih
Recipe adapted from Beyond Norm

Ingredients 材料


700g Grated Tapioca 木薯丝
130g Sugar 砂糖
210ml Water 清水
175ml Coconut Milk 浓椰浆
3/4 Tsp Salt 盐


Red Food Coloring 食用红色素
Green Food Coloring 食用青色素
3 Pandan Leaves 班兰叶


300g Fresh Grated Young Coconut 新鲜嫩椰丝
1/3 Tsp Salt 盐
1-2 Pandan Leaves 班兰叶 (cut length)

Method 做法

Combine all ingredients (A) together into a mixing bowl until mixed.


Divide the batter into 2 equal portions. Add a few drops of (B) red food coloring into one portion and mix well. Add a few drops of (B) green food coloring into the other portion.


Grease 2 baking / steaming moulds. Transfer the prepared mixture into individual moulds and level. Place pandan leaves on top of each mixture (as per picture).


Steam over high heat for 30-35 mins until cooked.


Remove from steamer and set aside to cool.


Mix (C) grated coconut and salt together. Transfer onto a steaming tray. Slot pandan leaves into the coconut mixture and steam over medium high heat for 5-6 mins.


Remove from steamer and discard pandan leaves. Set aside to cool.


When the tapioca kuihs have cooled, cut into desired size with a greased knife. Roll the cut kuihs over the grated coconut to coat evenly. Serve。

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