Wednesday, February 24, 2016

素梅菜瘦肉羹 Vegetarian Braised Mui Choy With Peanuts

Mui Choy is a type of pickled chinese mustard or known as preserved vegetables which is widely used in chinese cooking and also one of my preferred dish that goes well with both rice or porridge. I have adapted this recipe to a vegetarian version so that I also get to eat them.


Vegetarian Braised Mui Choy With Peanuts

Ingredients 材料

170g Sweet Mui Choy 甜梅菜
150g Salty Mui Choy 咸梅菜
120g Peanuts 花生米
200g Vegetarian Meat 素肉(菇制的)
6 pcs Chinese Mushrooms 花菇
8g Ginger 生姜 (cut into strips 切成幼条)

3 Tbsp Cooking Oil 食油
2 Tbsp Sesame Oil 麻油
2-3 Tbsp Vegetarian Oyster Sauce 素蚝油
1 Tsp Sugar 糖
900-1300ml Water 清水

Method 做法

Soak peanuts overnight. Drain.

Boil peanuts with sufficient water until softened. Drain and set aside.

Combine both Mui Choy into a basin and wash thoroughly. Soak for 2-3 hours and drain. Cut thinly.

Soak chinese mushrooms until soften. Dice and set aside.

Wash vegetarian meat thoroughly to rid of oil. Slice into thin strips.

Heat up frying pan (no need cooking) . Stir in Mui Choy and stir fry until slightly dry and aromatic. Remove and set aside.
炒锅烧热 (无须放油) ,搅入梅菜干再继续拌炒至梅菜香味出来即可取出离锅。

Add cooking oil and ginger into the frying pan. Saute until aromatic before adding in vegetarian meat. Stir in diced mushrooms. Continue tossing and stir frying the ingredients for several mins then add in the mui choy and boiled peanuts and stir till even. Continue to stir fry until evenly combined. 

Add sesame oil, vegetarian oyster sauce and sugar. Stir to combine. Lastly pour in 9ooml water and allow the mixture to simmer under medium low heat for 10 mins.

Transfer everything into a claypot and allow the mui choy to simmer for 1-2 hours until the ingredients soften.

While simmering, you may add the balance water whenever necessary.

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