Tuesday, November 29, 2016

冷冻云石粉粿 Marble Green Bean Kuih

Are you a fan of pudding like desserts? Today I am sharing this 'Melt in the Mouth' hun kwee dessert which I personally can't stop eating.
您爱吃布丁般的甜点吗? 今天我所分享的这道冷冻粿糕不但好吃,一旦送入口里就会马上融化,就连我也不能自拔。

Marble Green Bean Kuih

Ingredients 材料
60g Green Bean Starch 绿豆澄粉
100g Sugar 糖
300ml Coconut Milk 椰浆
1 Tsp Salt 盐
200ml Water 清水
3 Pandan Leaves 班兰叶 (knotted 打结)

150g Green Bean Starch 绿豆澄粉
300ml Coconut Milk 椰浆
1000ml Water 清水
30g Sugar 糖
200g Gula Melaka 椰糖 / Brown Sugar 黄糖
1 Tsp Alkaline Water 碱水
5 Pandan Leaves 班兰叶 (knotted 打结)

Method 做法

Combine ingredients (A) into a heat proof mixing bowl and mix to incorporate. Heat and continue stirring with a hand whisk until the mixture thickens like thick kaya jam. Discard pandan leaves and remove from heat and set aside.

Repeat the same for ingredients (B) until complete.

Transfer mixture B into an 9-10 inch baking tray. Drop spoonfuls of mixture A over the B mixture. Use a small knife to draw lines to create the marble effect. Allow the mixture to cool before refrigerating. 

Serve cold. 

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